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clock 24-05-2017
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LPPB Committed to Provide Affordable Housing

The Sabah Town and Housing Development Board (LPPB) will be committed to facing any challenges that come before it.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor said that LPPB was ready to do this even though it had reached 50 years of age.

"In this ever-changing global economy LPPB will face various challenges among which is ensuring that you can provide affordable housing for Sabahans despite the high construction costs caused by the higher cost of living and building materials" he said at the launching of LPPB's 50th-anniversary logo here yesterday.

In his speech which was delivered by Assistant Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Zakaria Edris, Hajiji pointed out that such challenges made it difficult to build affordable houses for the target group, especially the younger generation who had just started working.

However, to ensure that LPPB's objective is achieved, the state and federal governments have taken positive measures, including providing a subsidy to the people who need it.

"Under the 11th Malaysia Plan, we are building 100 units of affordable houses in Merotai, Tawau and 32 units in Sook, Keningau which are expected to be completed in 2019. Other than that, the federal government is also providing housing loan of RM50,000 to low-income earners who want to build houses on their own land" he disclosed.

Also present at the launching ceremony were LPPB chairman Datuk Ahmad Bujang and its general manager Rosnani Asmat.

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