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100pct Margin of Loan Finance With Hap Seng Credit Division

With the banks' stringent policies and tight lending rules, it makes it hard for avid homebuyers to invest/buy a property.

Hap Seng, together with its Credit Division has introduced a new scheme which makes it possible for everyone to own a home developed by Hap Seng. The group, unlike commercial banks, are more lenient when it comes to assisting with loans.

Hap Seng Credit offers 3 types of loans; housing loan (strictly for properties developed by Hap Seng ONLY), term loan and industrial hire purchase loan.

"We want to support the property development division and we hope that by introducing this 100% margin of finance scheme, it'll allow and encourage more people to purchase a home", said Joanne Chung, Deputy Regional Director and Head of Hap Seng Credit.

When asked about the difference in leniency between Hap Seng Credit and commercial banks, Joanne commented that they only ask for one's salary slip (3 months), bank statement, EPF statement and EA form.

Regardless of how many houses you own, with this new scheme, Hap Seng will be able to afford 100% margin of finance for you. For the first five years, the group promises to match the interest rates of commercial banks.

Joanne also added that the group will be hosting a Kaamatan celebration on May 20th at Plaza Shell. The celebration will see a Butod eating competition, Mini Harvest Princess contest for children aged 6-12 and cultural performances.

For more information, please contact the financial consultant on +60 88-238 799

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