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Hap Seng, Creating Strong Presence in Sabah

The first of its kind in KK, Plaza Shell uses Double-Glazed Unit glass for heat and noise insulation, and only the finest materials throughout the building to highlight the building's prestige. This US Green Building Council certified office tower features advanced green technologies to ensure energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Plaza Shell is envisaged to become the benchmark in all office tower in Kota Kinabalu.

Speaking at a press conference this morning at Plaza Shell, Chief Operating Officer, Mr John Tan, said that Hap Seng is committed to widening its presence in Sabah.

The company's group synergy, which consists of property developments, automotive, credit financing, plantations, building materials and fertilisers, are what makes them special.

"Whilst others are panicking about the lack of supply in cement or bricks, we are fortune enough to not be affected by it because we have our own small division which produces these materials for us", said John.

"We work very well together and we support each other through our own divisions, and I think that's the most important thing when it comes to wanting to succeed and grow together", he added.

The presence of Plaza Shell in Kota Kinabalu gives the public a 1 stop centre. Visitors are able to enjoy having a cup of coffee from the eateries within the building as well as browse around for homeware from SSF and Signature Kitchen.

In addition to that, John also added that the group plans to build more affordable homes in Sabah.

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