Expats Rate Malaysia Second Best Place to Live in Asia
We didn’t say it, real expats voted Malaysia as one of the top countries to live as a foreigner.  It appears the pandemic has many people ready...
clock 21-05-2021

Life in Sabah as a Foreigner
What is it really like for an expat to live in Kota Kinabalu?
clock 30-07-2020

How Foreigners Rent Property in Malaysia
Here we detail the preliminary steps involved and what expats should expect when looking to secure a rental property in Malaysia.
clock 20-07-2020

5 Reasons Why Malaysia Is a Desirable Destination for Expats
Home to beautiful beaches, dynamic cities, serene islands and stunning scenery, it’s no wonder Malaysia welcomes millions of tourists each year....
clock 02-08-2019

KL Homes Remain Affordable for Foreigners Despite Rent Increase
Average expatriate rents in Malaysia’s capital increased by 7.42% to US$1,621 per month in 2018 compared to US$1,509 in the prior year, according to the ...
clock 15-03-2019

Expat Rentals in KL Goes Up After Several Years of Decline
The average cost of rental for expatriates in Kuala Lumpur has seen an increase in 2018 after a sustained decline between 2015 and 2017, according to inter...
clock 11-03-2019

Buying Property in Malaysia as a Foreigner
Foreigners in Malaysia are either expatriates or tourists, and thus have been received with warm welcomes when visiting our country. Now the Government is ...
clock 20-06-2018

Malaysia Continues to Attract Expats From Europe and Eastern Asia Region
KUALA LUMPUR: HSBC Bank Malaysia said Malaysia continues to attract expats, particularly from Europe and Eastern Asia regions. Country head, retail bank...
clock 08-02-2018

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