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AtonGroup and CSX Holdings Forge Strategic Collaboration in Sabah's Real Estate Landscape

Aton Group and CSX Holdings are pleased to announce their official collaboration to enhance the growth of the real estate industry in Sabah. This strategic collaboration represents a significant milestone, highlighting the strength and dedication of both companies in their business expansion ventures. 

Through this collaboration, both Aton Group and CSX Holdings commit to fostering the growth of real estate in Sabah, poised to make a substantial impact on the state's economy with a ripple effect into over 120 industries. This partnership underscores the strong foreign interest from Taiwan in Sabah, further solidifying the region's appeal for international investments. Both parties believe that by maximising on each other’s resources, they can together contribute significantly to the growth of Sabah's real estate sector.

Aton Group and CSX Holdings with their signed certificate of collaboration

Aton Group and CSX Holdings with their signed certificate of collaboration

CSX Holdings, a real estate investment group founded by Mr. Charles Tsao, Mr. Anson Ng, Mr Calvern Ng and Ms Charis Lee, acknowledges the immense potential in Sabah, particularly for foreign investment from Taiwan. The investment group, consisting of industry veterans, brings together a robust force of investors from Taiwan.

Founded in 2007, CSX Holdings manages a diverse portfolio with a primary focus on real estate investment and management. The mission of the company is to provide investors with sustainable profit distribution and total return growth through active asset management, revenue-enhancing acquisitions, and rental activities.

The investment group actively seeks quality developments, particularly in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Their decision to collaborate with Aton Group is largely due to the latter's goodwill and strong proven track record in the industry. Aton Group's impressive portfolio, including Aru Suites, Vetro 11, Banyan Valley, and more, underscores its reputation for innovation and consistently surpassing industry standards.

Exciting times ahead as Aton Group and CSX Holdings join forces, announcing their official collaboration!

Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic over the past few years, Aton Group has consistently demonstrated its strength and resilience by achieving sold-out results for all of its projects. The crown jewel of its portfolio is Banyan Valley, a 22.17 acres mixed development situated along Jalan Nouton, Kolombong. Banyan Valley, with an estimated gross development value (GDV) of more than RM500 million is a carefully curated community boasting good feng-shui, design and practicality.

Charlie Tang, Director of Aton Group, expressed optimism about the collaboration, stating, "This collaboration marks the inaugural working relationship between our esteemed organisations. I am confident about the potential for future collaborations that will contribute to our mutual growth. This agreement with CSX Holdings reflects our unwavering commitment and confidence not only in Sabah as a state but also in the capabilities and vision of Aton Group." 

Mr. Charles Tsao, co-founder of CSX Holdings, said, “We at CSX Holdings are excited to embark on this journey together with Aton Group. With a strategic location in the South East Asian region blessed with an abundance of resources, we are confident in the future of Sabah. Over the last decade, Sabah has experienced accelerated growth with its strong connectivity to the rest of the region. We believe this growth will continue, and that is the reason why we decided to establish our presence here.”

On the other hand, Mr. Anson Ng, the co-founder of CSX Holdings, also said: “Our team is always on the lookout for companies with a strong performance. We choose to work with Aton Group because we believe in their abilities to deliver the expected results and ideal return for our investors.”

 “We hope that through our investment coupled with the shared vision with Aton Group, we can all bring a positive contribution to the economic growth to the real estate industry in Sabah. We aim to build a future where every resident benefits from thoughtful and inclusive property development” Anson Ng concludes.

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