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Revamped Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme Unveiled With Three Tiers

In a major development, Malaysia's Tourism, Arts, and Culture Ministry has introduced a revamped version of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme, now featuring three distinct tiers – silver, gold, and platinum.

Platinum Tier: Exclusive Benefits and Permanent Residence Eligibility

Participants opting for the platinum tier are required to maintain a fixed deposit of RM5 million. After one year, a 50% withdrawal is permitted, earmarked for property purchases (minimum value of RM1.5 million and above), healthcare, and domestic travel. Notably, platinum tier participants are also eligible to obtain permanent residence status.

Gold and Silver Tiers: Varied Requirements for Flexibility

The gold tier entails a fixed deposit of RM2 million, with provisions for withdrawals for property purchases (minimum value of RM750,000 and above), healthcare, and domestic travel. Meanwhile, the silver tier requires a fixed deposit of RM500,000, offering similar withdrawal provisions.

Age Requirement Lowered and Dependents Expanded

A significant shift in the MM2H programme is the reduction of the minimum age requirement to 30, accompanied by an expanded list of eligible dependents. Beyond spouses and children below 21, the revamped program now includes all children between 21 and 34 not working in Malaysia or married, as well as parents and parents-in-law.

Minimum Stay Requirement and Application Process

Participants across all tiers must fulfill a minimum stay requirement of a cumulative total of 60 days annually in Malaysia. Additionally, the application process is streamlined, limited to licensed MM2H agents accredited by the ministry under the Tourism Industry Act 1992.

Confidence in Global Appeal: A Trial Period for MM2H

Minister Tiong expressed confidence that the revamped MM2H programme would attract a broader pool of applicants, positioning Malaysia as an appealing second home destination globally. The program will undergo a trial period of one year, allowing for adjustments based on performance and participant feedback.

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