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5 Places to Donate Your Old Books in Kota Kinabalu

After weeks of Chinese New Year celebration, you probably still have some boxes of old, unwanted goods stored somewhere from your spring cleaning prior to the new year. They could be boxes of books that might be too heavy hearted or ‘sayang’  to throw away. 

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We’ve figured out a way to help ease your worries.Various organisations in the Kota Kinabalu collect old, preloved, or unwanted books and assist in the distribution of these goods to people in need. Here are five places or organisations in Kota Kinabalu that you can donate your old books to:

Rainbow of Hope

Rainbow of Hope is a privately managed centre that offers basic reading programmes to youngsters who do not have documentation. This organisation has been teaching basic literacy to youngsters aged six to sixteen who would otherwise be unable to attend school since 2003. In 2019, they educated 180 children.

Last Christmas they had set up a booth at the Jesselton Artisan Market in conjunction with their ‘Gift A Book’ programme. The aim was to instil the love of reading among underprivileged children in Kota Kinabalu. 

Email :

Facebook : Rainbow Of Hope Sabah

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SPCA Charity Shop@ Karamunsing

SPCA Charity Shop is a charity shop set up by the Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Kota Kinabalu. It is located in Karamunsing. They accept preloved and new merchandise to sell. SPCA hopes that this outlet will provide us a sustainable way to generate funds for their shelter and animal welfare work. 

They are open from 11am to 6pm on Wednesday to Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday as their off days. 

Phone : 019-551 9660

Facebook : SPCA KK Charity Shop

Sabah State Library-Tanjung Aru  Branch

The Sabah State Library Tanjung Aru accepts unwanted or preloved books as part of their book exchange program or for donation. Books that are still in good condition will be distributed to schools and children shelters in rural areas. 

Phone : 088-748 885

Facebook : Tanjung Aru Branch Library

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Borneo Komrad

Borneo Komrad is a student-led project that promotes social activism in areas such as education, culture, and human rights in Borneo. This group helps children who are left behind on education through educational advocacy, namely children in rural areas and ‘stateless’ children, in addition to solving illiteracy, personality development and long-term community economic thinking through the alternative schools they have developed.

Phone : 018-872 3694

Email :

Breeze Magazine

Breeze Magazine is Borneo's Premier Lifestyle Magazine modern entertainment, arts, culture and lifestyle in Borneo. Over time, Breeze has set up various campaigns. Currently, Breeze is working with the Education Department to provide books, whether preloved or new, to those in need. 

Phone : 088-268 180

Email :

Donating your books has several advantages, one of which is that it helps individuals who receive access to education. The above-mentioned organisations distribute the goods to charity causes. You also don't want your house to be crammed with clutter or unwanted things, so donating is the best option to free up some space.

This article was inspired by a post in a Facebook post by a user who was interested in donating her old books. The list above is based on the suggestions that were given under this post. 

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As a result,dozens of books were donated to the school of Saint Francis Convent.

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