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From Culinary Arts to Real Estate Negotiator

Although new to the game, Ian was able to make the most of his new career, take charge of his life and find clients their dream home, all through the pandemic. Here is his story. 

How long have you been in real estate and how has this career impacted your life?

Prior to this, I was working in the culinary line.

I decided to make a career change and entered the real estate industry due to the pandemic and my personal aspiration to learn from the industry.

Now a year in, I have made noticeable and meaningful changes to my quality of life.

Being a R.E.N. has indeed opened my eyes to the challenges in the property market. I find joy in helping people achieve their dreams, and as a R.E.N., I aim to achieve that passion by assisting clients in getting the key to their dream property. 

During MCO, how did you manage yourself or lead your team through the pandemic?

Although MCO has limited many physical interactions which being a R.E.N demands, on the other hand, it has allowed me to explore the use of online platforms to improve myself and achieve sales. Indeed, it was difficult to adjust to this new mode of work.

I took up the initiative to attend webinars organised by various institutions to improve my skills in marketing. I also made sure to attend crash courses offered by IQI to keep in touch with current property market trends. The lessons I have learnt have enabled me to shift to increased online presence, by establishing pages on social media.

I have also learnt basic photoshop and photography skills in order to create good quality posters for marketing purposes.

With encouragement from my team leader and teammates, I stepped out of my comfort zone to interact with potential clients. Dealing with clients ranging in various temperaments and personalities has greatly enhanced my experience and skills in this career. 

What is a milestone or achievement that you are most proud of during your real estate career?

While initially inexperienced, I am pleased that my continual efforts are fruitful. One achievement which could be considered as a milestone would be the sale of a residential property after advertising for merely a month.

I find utmost satisfaction with my work when I am able to close deals in which the renters and property owners are equally content with the agreement and the property concerned. 

Why have you chosen the Property Hunter platform to help you excel in your business as a team leader and real estate agent?

Property Hunter is considered the most established property network in East Malaysia. This network allows me to reach out to many opportunities related to local property, and to connect with fellow R.E.N. I find the Property Hunter website very user-friendly and easy to understand. It showcases many choices and frequently features the most updated property development in East Malaysia.

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