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10 Types of Tenants to Avoid

Times are hard but settling for a difficult tenant is not the way to go. Choosing the right tenant could save you a lot of time, money and stress down line so with that in mind, here are 10 types of tenants that you should consider avoiding.

This list was compiled and written by Kopi and Property. You can read the original article here

1. The Don’t Like at First Sight type. 

If you do not have a good feeling about the potential tenant during the first meeting itself. Note, this is not like meeting your potential husband. There’s no need to try and go out a few times and see what happens. This is JUST a tenant. If you don’t like, don’t rent. There is NO need to try to ‘give chance’ and evaluate before rejecting. Remember, ‘ejecting’ them will be very hard in the future.

2. The Unrealistic Negotiator type. 

After the viewing, they try their best to negotiate for a VERY much lower price by commenting that your home is way below their expectations. Alternatively, they ask far too many extras. Well, if it’s really that bad, it is better for them to view other cheaper units. For this type, I think they are just too calculative. Since I am not one, I would not rent out my unit to one.

3. The ‘Don’t Care’ type. 

Sorry but I really mind a lot about those who do not even take care of how they smell. Messy perhaps. Drunk the night before, perhaps. Did not wash their clothes? Perhaps. Whatever, the perhaps may be does not matter. These are not my choice too. Even if they had just come from the gym, they should have taken a shower before coming for viewing. If I know how to respect people, they should also know how to respect me.

4. The Secretive type. 

Come on, questions such as what do you do for living SHOULD be answered easily and directly. As the homeowner, I have no issues telling you what I do for a living but if you could not do the same, I think there’s something wrong with you. I know, I know, even if they could tell me, they could be lying. For that, I would have to just admit I was fooled… Else, your job should NOT be a secret.

5. The Threatening type. 

Before they even come for the first viewing, they ask for lower rental. They would not want to view unless you lower your rental. Fat chance, please try on others. I will never price myself out of the market for fully furnished but without even viewing you are already trying to negotiate lower? Just a note, fully furnished units mean they can move in just with their luggage…

6. The Missing in Action type. 

It’s hard to at least meet them once. They ask their agents / friends / anyone else to be the middleman. It’s okay, just let them be. I usually prefer to meet my potential tenants before I say Yes. These days, it’s possible for a video call too. I am very sure they want to know who their homeowner is, right. If it’s hard to meet them the first time, when you need to meet them in future, it would be almost impossible.

7. The Complaining Type. 

When you started asking, they started telling you that they were looking for a new place because their previous landlord was VERY BAD. It may be true, so asking them to explain why their landlord was bad may also reveal why their landlords were bad to them. Until today, I think my tenants’ relationships with me has been quite good. Somehow, all of them are successful people!

8. The ‘pretend to be’ Foolish type. 

They came to view, knowing it is a fully furnished unit. After the viewing, they ask if they could rent the unit without the furniture. If you say no, they would most probably say, how about lowering your rental. I do not need this, this and that. Apologies. I would not negotiate at all. I would let them loose. I think they deserve a better landlord who would move the furniture out for them and after moving the furniture out is willing to charge them lower rental.

9. The Second secretive type. 

When we ask them how many people are staying, they have to think for a while before answering. It would be good to include this into the tenancy agreement if they have informed us the number. I am worried if they are going to sub-let my place and turn it into some crisis relief centre or a student ‘megamall’. Couples who are both working would be great.

10. The ‘Not-Enough-Money’ type. 

They asked if they can pay just one month advance and one month rental. The another month deposit, they want to pay later. This was an actual tenant issue for me. I was foolish to accept what the tenant said. Within a few months, she has started to delay and then ‘forgotten’ to pay! Fortunately it was settled after a few months. I would not want to rent to these people ever again!

Even if you hire an agent to help you select a tenant, make sure to show them this list! You can search for agents in your area here

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