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Why City Living May Not Be for You

If you are financially equipped and ready, now is the best time to find yourself a home. Banks are giving out loans and property is more affordable.

We find that, however, more and more people seem to be moving away from the city and into outskirt towns. For those that are considering their next move, you may like to take into account these reasons people are choosing to not live in the city centre -

  1. City living gets pricey

    If you have started your search for a home, you would have noticed that prices are much higher and the spaces are much smaller in the city. While you may be closer to “everything”, you will also be closer to a lot more temptation to spend on entertainment and other luxuries.

  2. Easy, Breezy, Clean Breathing

    You’ll find that all the best parks are a bit of a drive away, and so is fresh air, away from traffic and pollution.

  3. How important is safety for you?

    According to crime statistics, crime rates including, robbery, violent crime and property crime are higher in urban areas, mainly due to community sizes and density.

  4. Bachelor pad or space?

    While a bachelor may not need much space… Investing in property is a long term commitment. When it comes to investment, you must first decipher - what is your objective? In 5-10 years down the line, will this space serve you the same purpose or will you need a bigger space?

  5. Minimise stress

    After all the hustle and bustle of a day at work, a quiet home to retreat to will do wonders for your mental state and well being in the long run.

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