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Making Home Ownership and Property Investment FUN

Tomorrow Property Hunter will be launching their first-ever online property sale campaign, making the process of owning property simple and affordable. As well as amazing discounts and expert guides, Property Hunter will also be featuring video content in the form of live webinars, talk shows, live trivia games and a trending video series.

“Nowadays almost everyone is streaming live video content. For our Big Property Hunter Sale (BPHS), we want to ensure we cater to everyone who responds to all types of media. However, to avoid over-saturating the field, we made sure to invite only the best guest hosts and picked the most relevant topics.” Director of Property Hunter, Elson Kho said.

The weekly live webinars and talk shows will be hosted on Property Hunter’s Facebook page every Tuesday at 8:30pm for the duration of BPHS (15 May 2020 - 15 June 2020). The first upcoming live webinar will be “Property or Shares Now” featuring "The Property Doctor”, Dr Victor Gan and experienced stock trader Mr David Lau.

Don’t miss a beat and join the Facebook event here for all talk shows and live trivia games.

Keep your eyes peeled as well for Property Hunter’s first video series, “Most Burning Questions” where real estate personalities answer questions most are too afraid to ask. Each video will premiere every Thursday at 7pm on the Property Hunter Facebook page.

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