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Lions Create Hype and Frenzy at Plaza Shell

Eight lions and a dragon welcome the Lunar New Year at Plaza Shell on 6th February 2020, to celebrate the beginning of Spring, by ushering in wisdom, happiness, prosperity and good fortune to the occupants at Plaza Shell.

The performers, from Xu Xiang Dragon & Lion Dance Sport Club, mimic the lion's and dragon’s movements to the tee, with the colourful costumes accentuate the performance. The audience was caught in awe and bewilderment as the lion dance troupe performed dare-daring jumps on high steel poles as they leapt from poles to poles.

The audience was also delightfully entertained by the God of Prosperity and Mouse Mascots accompanying the troupe. Tenants, staff and members of the public gathered at the Main Entrance of Plaza Shell to watch the mesmerizing and colourful performance as they cheered on the troupe. Gold coins for good luck were handed out by the mascots to the spectators after the performance. Many of the audience took the opportunity to take pictures with the friendly lions and mascots and to pat the Lions’ head for good luck.


The lions also took turns visiting tenants’ outlets on each level of Plaza Shell to bring in good luck, prosperity and blessings.

“We are happy to see many tenants, Hap Seng employees and members of the public gather and mingle to enjoy this once in a year performance, this annual gathering brings everyone together to renew relations and make new acquaintances along the way,” said Mr Simon Chin – Senior Manager – Planning & Design Development (Sabah) for Hap Seng Property Development.

On the Chinese calendar, 2020 is the Year of the Rat and based on traditional Chinese Zodiac this Rat
Year represents a year of renewal, new experiences with favourable outcomes for all.

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