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Live in a Greener Environment for Better Cognitive Functioning

The grass may seem greener on the other side but how important is it really to live in a green environment?

In Sabah, being surrounded by nature is not necessarily an issue for most but with the states growing economy and more developments popping up, finding a home with an abundant green space may be harder to find.

Here’s why you might like to consider this feature the next time you look for a home.

1. Improve Immunity and Extend Your Life Span

Have you heard of “forest bathing”? It is a Japanese therapy, sometimes referred to as “ecotherapy” that involves deliberate time in nature to boost your immune system. It is a science that does not include exercise but simply just to immerse yourself in the presence of nature. Studies show that this practice promotes many health benefits, such as the generation of natural killer cell activity, lower blood pressure and increase in anti-cancer protein functions.

2. Gets You Moving

People are more likely to move around in a shaded and open green space rather than exercise in a congested concrete jungle. Instead of driving out to a park or gym, a home that can provide a park-like experience right at your doorstep would be more ideal and thus could lead to a more active lifestyle.

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3. Improve Your Sleep, Wake Up Refreshed

You may have already heard that artificial lighting affects our natural circadian rhythm of sleep but have you heard that more research is being conducted to show that the presence of natural greenery actually improves our sleep as well? These studies show that urban dwellers have reported sleeping better when incorporating more greenery into their homes.

4. Think Better and Clearer

A professor of landscape and human health, Professor Frances Kuo has found that a lack of green space can dramatically affect our health negatively - specifically our brains health. She claims that access to nature greatly yields better cognitive functioning, more self-discipline and impulse control, and overall mental health. 

Not only may we think smarter, but also more calmly and with more compassion to others.

“In greener settings, we find that people are more generous and more sociable. We find stronger neighbourhood social ties and a greater sense of community, more mutual trust and willingness to help others.

In less green environments, we find higher rates of aggression, violence, violent crime, and property crime - even after controlling for income and other differences.

We also find more evidence of loneliness and more individuals reporting inadequate social support.” Stated Professor Kuo in her study, Parks and Other Green Environments: Essential Components of a Healthy Human.

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5. Nurture Our Future Leaders

Existing with nature is in our DNA. This becomes evident when you put a child in a natural environment where they can run free, jump and play with all that their surroundings have to offer. More than just mere entertainment though, over fifty studies have proven substantial and measurable benefits to a child’s development such as shifts in perseverance, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, a reduced impact of ADHD, improved cognitive function… The list goes on!

Coming soon to Kota Kinabalu is a new development that exceeds the minimum green coverage requirement for a richer and more balanced lifestyle, despite being in an urban location. Learn more about it, CLICK THIS LINK.

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