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Part 2 LBU Hopes Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak Will Be Completed as Promised

In citing the development of Phase 1 of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak which involved constructing a four-lane dual carriageway over a length of 786km from Telok Melano to Miri, LBU said it was divided into 11 works packages comprising of 25 individual sections, the main contractors were pre-qualified based on preset and agreed technical and commercial selection criteria.

“In instances of joint-ventures with Peninsular Malaysia companies to strengthen the capabilities of the works package contractors (WPC), the Sarawak entity leads the joint-venture (JV) with no less than 70 per cent equity. Successful bidders were then invited to tender for packages.

“Each works package ranges from between 60km and 95km and the mainline comprises of 115 pairs of bridges, 25 interchanges, traffic barriers, road signages, overhead pedestrian bridges, rest and service areas, lay-bys and bus shelters.”

LBU noted that the cost per kilometre for road works of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak was estimated at RM15.97 million, covering utility relocation and road furniture across varied terrain including deep foundations and soft ground conditions mainly found in central Sarawak.

“Inclusive of costs to construct bridges and interchanges, the cost per kilometre would then be RM19.36 million. ”

In ensuring a minimum 30 per cent participation of Sarawak Bumiputera in this mega project, LBU said they introduced the Bumiputera Participation Programme and today, that target had been exceeded with 32.34 per cent of the total contract value, where an equivalent of over RM5.2 billion of works was identified to be allocated for Sarawak Bumiputera contractors of various grades and capabilities.

“As at August 25, 2019, the overall actual WPCs’ works progress over the whole 25 sections had reached an average of 45 per cent completion; with some sections achieving between 55 per cent to 65 per cent completion. The section of Batang Rajang (Durin) Bridge under WPC 07 in Sibu has in fact achieved 87.2 per cent completion as at end-August 2019.

“As at end-August 2019, over 160km of Pan Borneo Sarawak’s first of two carriageways has been partially completed to divert ‘live’ traffic, thereby allowing road-users a more comfortable driving experience whilst the Highway is under construction.

“By end 2019, it is expected that a total 395km of the first carriageway will be opened to traffic. At the same time, works will continue unhindered on completing the second carriageway.”

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