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Myra Putra, Changing the Way You Look at Affordable Homes!

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There’s a new development in Putrajaya that wants to change the way people think about affordable housing. It’s called Myra Putra.

For many homebuyers, affordable housing brings to mind high-density, basic cookie-cutter, unattractive homes with limited facilities. Quality of life is usually questionable as most affordable housings are tight, with narrow, badly lit corridors, stairs instead of lifts and no space for kids to play or for the community to gather.

Myra Putra, a development by OIB Group, is under the KPKT MyHome Scheme but it rethinks the way affordable homes should look and feel. While buyers enjoy up to RM30,000 rebates under the scheme, they can look forward to an exceptional standard of living that includes a vibrantly designed façade, bright and airy corridors, and condo-grade facilities at only RM299,800 for a 920sqft, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment. 

Myra Putra is situated in Desa Pinggiran Putra on Malay Reserve leasehold land. The area is fast becoming a highly desirable location with younger homebuyers especially due to its proximity to Putrajaya, great connectivity and ample green spaces.

“Today’s prospective young homeowners, have three qualities they look for when hunting for a home: affordability, an attractive and vibrant living space in a great location. Despite its close proximity to the heart of Putrajaya, Myra Putra is priced 15% lower than the average price per sq ft within the Putrajaya area, offering young families or young single adults an unbeatable choice. Besides the price, there are many reasons to get excited about Myra Putra. Our aim is to give residents the sense that they are living well and to show that we respect and care for the investment they have worked hard for. To this end, we have paid particular attention and invested a lot into the detail and design of the façade, facilities and the communal areas that you normally would not get from a typical affordable home, said Wendy Lim, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Oriental Interest Berhad (OIB). 

Wanting to delight young first-time homeowners, the medium cost apartment is both gated and guarded with ample communal spaces with unique shapes and vibrant colours, and clubhouse facilities for gatherings and for children to play safely. The condo-grade facilities include unusual outdoor spaces like a climbing wall and outdoor theatre, a fun park with a trampoline, a performing platform, a celebration corner, as well as a game room and gym within the clubhouse. 

To keep it looking and feeling exclusive, Myra Putra is low density with only 200 apartments spread across two blocks, comprising of 5 levels each block with 20 units per floor. It even comes with 2 lifts. 

 “Why rent when you can own? This is the question we want to put out to all first-time home buyers. With Myra Putra, you now have an affordable apartment that comes with condo-grade facilities at a 15% lower than the average price per sqft in the area and monthly instalments that will not exceed RM1,500, against RM1,200 which is the lowest available rental in the area. So, why rent when you can own Myra Putra at such an attractive affordable price?” added Wendy.

Myra Putra is now open for bookings.

Do pop over to for more information on Myra Putra and the MyHome scheme and head on over to the Myra Sales Gallery @ Myra Saujana at Jalan Utama 1, Taman Desa Jenderam Hilir, 43000, Selangor to book your very own unit.


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