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Brilliant Ideas From Show Units

Visting sales galleries that have gorgeously-furnished show units can give you brilliant ideas on what to do the next time you plan a comprehensive fit-out for your entire property.

By viewing the show units you may be able to see through the eyes of the interior designers how colour, lighting, space, scale and placement of furnitures and plants affect the look in a room.

When you start planning your interior design work for your home, you can make it look like you hired an interior designer by using your own individual style and preferences, coupled with what you have seen at the show unit.

The only setback is that it may take you weeks to get all the furniture and fittings organised, and you would still need a contractor.

But the end result can be satisfactory and there are cost-savings as you have done it all by yourself.

Have fun with your arrangements. Play with size colour and texture, but remember to avoid the No.1 mistake that most people make, which is in choosing scale. the secret toproper scale is a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes in each room.

The Swans show unit in Bandar Rimbayu is a great example of how it is done with colours and scale.

Developer IJM Land Bhd has explored a botanical-inspired interior concept for the living room, incorporating greenery in a more contemporary setting. This is to evoke the feeling of spring and to help homeowners feel revived and renewed.

The lighter wood tones and whites, as seen in the bedrooms, set a neutral palette for the greenery to pop, making the home look fresh. Apart from adding character to the interior, the plants also help reduce stress, which is much needed after a long day at work.

The master bedroom, upstairs uses of a more contemporary botanic wallpaper and platform bedding, which is in line with the developer’s idea to incorporate natural materials to enhance a natural bedroom theme for a more grounded sleeping atmosphere. The built-in shelves on the side keep it clutter-free for a more restful sleep.

The second bedroom has a more tropical setting with its colourful wall, keeping it lively and exuberant.

The guest room’s dark-blue walls contrast against the botanical wallpaper wonderfully, drawing eyes to the plants. The different textures create a more layered feel.

IJM has also maintained restful zones in the family area and children’s bedroom where they can lay on the hammock and read, or roll about on the low-cushioned space in their whimsical bedroom.

The dining area is tucked in to keep it neat and uncluttered. this makes for more room to walk about.

The dry-and-wet kitchen is separated with a glass panel to keep the linear space look spatial.

Ideas are always there, they are everywhere.

So, happy transforming your home!



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