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New Team Contest for Beverly Apartments Management Positions

A team led by Calvin Chew Shung Seng of Beverly Hills Phase 2 Apartment vied for all positions in the management council in the residents' annual general meeting (AGM).

Chew said the new management council, if elected, would conduct all affairs, including financial management, in the manner of transparency and accountability.

Additionally, he said an investigation into the financial management of the incumbent management council would be initiated to find out the reason for the deteriorating services at Beverly Hills Apartment.

Chew said the residents were dissatisfied with the water supply issue to the apartments.

He said the incumbent management council had required each unit to contribute RM494.05 as 'loan' without the consensus of the majority of residents in order to repay water bill debts that had added up to RM500,000 due to burst pipes.

"The present management committee has told the residents that the repayment of the 'loans' would be deducted from the management fees. But the management council has failed to obtain consensus from the majority of the residents before it implemented the measure," he said in a press conference to announce his team's election manifesto here yesterday.

Furthermore, Chew said the residents were in the dark on the progress of replacing the burst water pipes and did not know whether the money they had paid was truly spent on the intended purpose.

Chew vowed to carry out open tenders in a transparent manner for the replacement of water pipes, while the RM494.05 payment to the present management council would be abolished.

"Those who have paid, the money will be refunded at the earliest possible time."

He continued to say that the residents were also dissatisfied with the lack of cleaning at the housing blocks while there had not been security guards supervising the entrance for months as well.

He said the new management council would always practise collective decision-making and revamp the duties of the councillors in order to better serve the residents at Beverly Hills Phase 2 Apartment.

Chew also pledged that his elected councillors would provide free and voluntary service without salary, allowance or compensation.

As such, he hoped that the residents would render their support to him during the AGM.

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