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KL Ranked No 49 to Rent a Mid-Range 2-Bedroom Apartment

According to the Deutsche Bank's 8th annual survey of global prices and living standards, Kuala Lumpur ranked No 49 to rent a mid-range 2-bedroom apartment at US$448 month.

The most expensive city to rent such property is Hong Kong where you will have to fork out US$3,685.

Coming in at No 2 is San Francisco where you will have to pay US$3,361, No 3 New York city at (US$2,909) followed by Zurich (US$2,538), Paris (US$2,455), London (US$2,338), Boston (US$2,201), Dublin (US$2,018), Sydney (US$1,969) and Tokyo (US$1,903).

Our southern neighbour Singapore just missed out on the top 10, ranked at No 11, requiring folks there to pay US$1,893 to rent such properties.

As for other Asean capitals, Jakarta was placed No 42 (US$662) and Manila No 48 (US$563)

For other parts of Asia, cities that were expensive are Shanghai (No 24, US$1,432) and Seoul (No 32, US$1,049).

Also more expensive than KL was Mumbai (No 46, US$616).

There were 55 countries in the Deutsche Bank annual survey list for this category.

At No 55 was Cairo where renting a mid-range 2-bedroom apartment will set you back just US$285.

The survey also covered aspects such as quality of life to the cost of a cheap date and how much to buy a "New Mid-Size Car (Equivalent to Volkswagen Golf), no Extras".

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