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clock 27-03-2019
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Sabah Needs the Right People to Manage Its Vast Resources

The Property Hunter team made a courtesy visit to YB Datuk HJ Jaujan Bin Sambakong, Deputy Chief Minister and Local Government & Housing Minister at his office in Wisma Innoprise, Kota Kinabalu.

The courtesy visit was led by Caleb Tseu, Director of Property Hunter together with Elson Kho and Akhmal Latif. During the meeting, Property Hunter team briefed the Minister about its platforms and how it is assisting the people of Sabah in enriching their knowledge in real estate. At the same time, Property Hunter also extended an invitation to the Ministry to endorse the upcoming state property awards, which is scheduled to be held on 1 November 2019.

Commenting on the work that Property Hunter has done, the Minister agreed that Sabah has boutiful resources and great talent. He said that the state can progress well if we have the right people to manage its vast resources. He also commented this is the right time to introduce the property awards, which is in line with the state government's effort to elevate the quality of development and living for its people.

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