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Sarawak's Development Vision for 2030

The whole of Sarawak is being urged to gather resources so that the state can achieve it's vision of becoming developed by 2030.

"As such, all Sarawakians including the Chinese community, need to join forces in championing Sarawak's vision of being a developed state by 2030," said Assistant Minister of Agriculture Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail when speaking at the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration 2019 jointly organised by China's Consulate General in Kuching and the Federation of Chinese Associations Limbang Division at the civic centre Tuesday evening.

"It is important for us to work together and support the government's policy to develop Sarawak, including the provision of water and electricity supplies, roads, education and improving its economy," he said.

Dr Abdul Rahman also reminded the people how lucky Sarawakians are to be living so harmoniously with one another. "We are free to practise our respective cultures, traditions and religions. That is the Sarawak we know today. We are always united and be an example to other states," he said.

He also pointed out during the celebration that it was a historical one as for the first time, it was held jointly with China's Consulate General in Kuching.

"This shows the strength of the Chinese community in coming together to celebrate the festival and sharing their cultural as well as postitive values of respecting all races," he added.

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