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Raleigh Borneo Ends Sabah Operations

After 31 years of impactful presence and meaningful contribution to thousands of lives as well as to conservation and the environment, Raleigh Borneo has decided to bring its expedition operations in Sabah to a close.

In order to make meaningful and lasting positive change to nearly 30,000 people in rural communities, nine conservation areas and 24 environmental sites in Sabah, Raleigh Borneo has partnered with over 6,000 young people from Malaysia and across the world since 1987.

It focused throughout three decades on providing communities with access to safe water and sanitation, building resilience in communities and contributing to conservation, protection, and research in one of the planet's most bio-diverse areas.

The international sustainable development charity organisation has left a proud legacy in Sabah and has inspired generations of environmental advocates.

"We're proud of what Raleigh Borneo has achieved these 31 years, in partnership with so many organisations and communities in Sabah," Raleigh Borneo Programmes Manager Adam J. Young said.

Raleigh Sabah Society and Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur, collectively known as Raleigh Malaysia and made up of Raleigh alumni, will continue to engage young people as partners in the design and delivery of projects and expeditions.

"I'm filled with optimism and excited for what will be achieved by Raleigh Malaysia. I'm always humbled by the passion and dedication of their members, and their desire to carry on the mission of Raleigh Borneo. The future of our work in Malaysia is in safe and capable hands," Young commented.

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