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Hong Kong to Benefit Infrastructure Development in Malaysia

Infrastructure development, as well as urban planning, is driven by Rapid economic growth in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries.

This can benefit related professional services - including construction, urban planning, engineering and city management. To help Hong Kong's infrastructure development services sectors grasp these opportunities, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has organised a "Building for the Future" promotion in Malaysia for the first time, bringing a delegation to Kuala Lumpur from 4-7 September 2018.

"Asia's economy is showing great momentum. As a major ASEAN country, Malaysia has seen rapid infrastructure and urban development in recent years," Peter Wong, Regional Director of Southeast Asia and South Asia, HKTDC, said in his welcoming remarks at the forum. "Hong Kong and Malaysia have a strong economic relationship. With our unique strengths in internationalisation, Hong Kong has long been an ideal springboard for Malaysian companies looking to expand into global markets.

"Hong Kong possesses flourishing infrastructure and real-estate industries, with advantages in such sectors as project management, architectural engineering design and urban planning, as well as experienced industry talents who think globally and creatively. For many years, Hong Kong has been providing quality services for Southeast Asian countries, and we will continue to be the platform for ASEAN infrastructure collaboration projects."

Events including a forum, business matching sessions and site visits provide Malaysian as well as Hong Kong companies with a platform to explore infrastructure and urban development partnership opportunities.

Led by Nicholas Ho, Deputy Managing Director of Ho & Partners (hpa), 13 delegates from a wide range of professional sectors including urban planning, building, and landscape design, surveying and more will be present.

The "Hong Kong Forum on Urban Development" is the highlight of the events held and Malaysian government departments and businesses welcomed the forum, which attracted more than 400 representatives.

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