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Tribunal Orders Developers to Pay House Buyers for Late Delivery

The Sarawak Housing Purchaser Claims Tribunal on Tuesday (26 June) directed three developers to pay house buyers a total of RM73,322.32 for late delivery.

In the first case, tribunal president Dato Maznah Dasmi ordered one of the developers, who built a single-storey terrace house at Block 10 Senggi-Poak Land District, to pay claimant Azizi Abdul Wahab a sum of RM5,848 for late delivery based on the formula allowed by the court.

Azizi had purchased an intermediate unit at the location.

For the second case, Maznah ordered a developer who built a single-storey terrace house at Block 8 Matang Land District to pay claimants Lai Liew Joo and Chani Chee Thin, who also bought an intermediate unit at the location, an amount of RM6,059.52.

As for the third case, involving a developer of an apartment complex at Jalan Wan Alwi, Maznah ordered the developer to pay a total of RM61,417.80 to three of its claimants.

The first claimant, Oh Piak Chiu and his wife Monika Henny, will be paid a sum of RM18,963 for their unit, while second claimant Jason Lim Yek Sen is to receive RM27,92163 and third claimant, Chung Jee Kong, a sum of RM14,532.21 for their respective units.

"The overall decision for the claims is based on all the mitigation from the two parties involved" added Maznah.

The claimants must make their claim within 45 days after receiving a letter from the tribunal.

Other members of the tribunal were Alhadi Ibrahim and Mornie Wahie.

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