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PPR Flats Only for Malaysians, Minister Clarifies

Low-cost flats under the People's Housing Projects (PPR) are solely for Malaysians and are not to be rented out to foreigners, Zuraida Kamaruddin said.

The housing and local government minister clarified that she was unaware of a clause in the PN1 application form that strictly forbids renting out subsidised and affordable homes to non-citizens when she spoke about it last week.

"I wasn't aware there was a clause that states the units cannot be rented out to foreigners.

"At that time I made my statement, I said if there was a condition that allows foreigners to live in PPR, we must start a registration data for them so that we can control and manage them" she told a news conference at her ministry here.

Zuraida said she will coordinate the Sales and Purchase agreement (S&P) and PN1 forms, as she said the former does not state any limitation towards foreigners.

She said the ministry will also boost enforcement to ensure the exclusivity of the PPR housings for Malaysians who need it.

"The enforcement is weak, and there are also loopholes between the S&P and PN1 forms the house owners only take the S&P into account. This is a small issue which we can coordinate soon.

"My priority is to ensure the PPRs are given to Malaysians first. We also want to strengthen enforcement to lessen and curb social issues in PPR areas. I plan to do this immediately" she said.

On May 27, Zuraida was reported to have said PPR owners may be required to seek approval from local authorities first in order to avoid the PPR units from being rented out to foreigners.

She also said the ministry would be allowed to keep tabs on the foreigners residing in PPRs.

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