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369 Penampang Land Owners Get Notices

The Land and Survey Office here served compulsory land acquisition notices on 369 land titles involved in the construction of Package 6 of the Pan Borneo Highway from Putatan to Inanam.

This section (shown in red on the map) is a totally new route that cuts through majority native titled lands through Kampungs Mahandoi, Babah, Hubah, Kionggu, Tanaki, Nampasan and Kolopis among others.

The rest of the highway follows existing roads with upgrading to dual lane carriageway.

However, only about one-third of the landowners involved turned up saying they got to know of the session only through messages via social media which is unofficial while a few received through proper channels such as village chiefs and chairman of the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK).

An officer from the Lands Office apologised saying the letter was issued on March 22 and had only two working days to reach the list of recipients before the session on Tuesday.

However, they will continue to deliver the notices to the landowners. They can also approach the Land Office to collect their notices.

Some landowners were unhappy the notice stated in paragraph 10 that their lands are now owned by the government since the date of second publication of the Gazette Notification and the period to secure a vacant possession of the land is one month from the date of first publication of the Gazette which was Jan. 25, this year.

However, there were no notices in the past and the earliest detailed information of the land acquisition was only available during the session itself.

A short briefing by the Lands officer said any claims on the land must be submitted within one month upon receipt of the notice.

Otherwise once a letter of offer is issued, no appeal will be considered except through the courts as this is a fast-track project and the word "pampasan" (reparation) is the terms used, not "gantirugi" (compensation).

One landowner said he heard about this gazette in early February and approached the land office but the plans and other information were not available then.

Therefore, many landowners said they are now under pressure of time to submit any claims they have on this matter.

A similar session was said to be held in future to facilitate the processes of land acquisition.

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