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Rediscover Kuala Lumpur Like a Local With Airbnb’s Experiences

With Malaysia's growing popularity as a global destination, Airbnb today announced the launch of more than 40 Airbnb Experiences right here in Kuala Lumpur.

Airbnb "Experiences” are hyper local activities designed and led by experienced local experts who share an insider's view of their city with curious travellers which they wouldn't otherwise see. Think: living a day in the life of a batik painter and learning to create your own original masterpiece, getting off the grid and escaping to a jungle with hidden waterfalls, or even learning about rubber tapping.

"Travellers are seeking alternative adventures, whether they are travelling alone or with groups of friends or family. As well as seeking unique accommodation options, there is the desire among travellers to enjoy their destination through the eyes of a local. Experiences is also a great way to unleash economic opportunity for locals and Airbnb has emerged as a platform for people to monetise their passions and talents. Our greatest assets are time and potential and Experiences is a way to unlock that”, said Sriram Vaidhya, Airbnb Head of Trips of Southeast Asia and India.

The launch aims to further cement Malaysia as one of the world's top travel destination, allowing travellers to explore a different side of the city and live like locals. Experiences will also provide a platform for locals to give back to the community by hosting Social Impact Experiences.

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences provide a local host with the chance to share more about a cause they are passionate about. Airbnb waives all fees, and 100 per cent of the funds collected from guests goes to the charitable organisation chosen by the local host.

Some initiatives include Dapur Jalanan, a volunteer-based soup kitchen offering free meals to the homeless and also an immersion session with the deaf community by learning sign language and being part of the DeafBeat drum troop.

Some of the Airbnb Experiences available locally include:

Live a day as a local batik painter: Learn from Colin who has been in the industry for more than 15 years. Here, you will know more about the heritage of Malaysia, the history and process of making batik and even create your own masterpiece

Magical Kampung Bahru: Rediscover one of the last Malay enclaves in Kuala Lumpur where Fuad will share more about living within the community and the history of the kampung in which he grew up. You will also get the opportunity to taste delicious local food like nasi lemak, pisang goreng and karipap!

Hidden hike in Kuala Lumpur: Fadly, an ultra-marathoner will show you the secret views of East Tabu and treat you to a local and authentic breakfast at his favourite local spots for an authentic Malaysian or Indian meal.

Rubber tapping and Tiffin lunch: Visit one of the last remaining plantation areas in the city and try your hand at tapping rubber trees. Also, look forward to the best of the best local dishes from the neighbourhood in your very own Tiffin lunch box.

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