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clock 12-01-2018
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'DBKK Should Order Foh Sang Shop to Close While Under Repair'

Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) had been urged to act against a shop owner in Foh Sang, Luyang, who disregard the safety of the people by repairing the cement ceiling without any safety measures in place.

A customer said what made it worst is that the shop concerned is a coffeeshop with many having their food and drinks there.

"It is certainly unhealthy as dust or other foreign objects may come flying down while the workers are fixing the ceiling and people having their breakfast or lunch below.

"As it is a public place and involved the five-foot-way, permit from the authorities should be required to do any repairs and the shop should be ordered to close as long as repair work is going on," he said.

The customer said he was amused that the shop was allowed to open its door for business as well do repair work without being noticed by the authorities.

"Foh Sang is a busy area, even until past midnight, and usually one can see DBKK enforcement personnel in the area but somehow they missed this one," he said.

He hoped that DBKK will take immediate action to ensure that no untoward incidents occurred.

"Don't take things for granted as it will be too late if untoward incidents occurred," he said.

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