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Brisbane, the New Upcoming World City!

If you are out of choices with investing in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, Brisbane will be your next choice of city to live and study for your children.

Brisbane is Australia's New World City and the capital city of Queensland. It is one of the major business hubs and one of the fastest growing state economies in the country. With a population of 2.2million, it is the third most populated city in Australia.

Brisbane's contribution is one of the largest, after Sydney and Singapore. It is also a popular tourist destination, located approximately 1-hour travel distance from the Gold Coast, which features some of the most famous beaches. Besides being a tourist destination, the State houses three major reputable universities; the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. Amongst other things to experience and look out for is the lifestyle, convenience of public transport, four seasoned weather conditions, and more.

Australia is the second most popular country for Malaysians to study abroad after the United Kingdom. There are 5 main universities in Queensland, three of which are situated in Brisbane.

Children's safety is the priority of all the parents. Brisbane is Australia's most inclusive study destination and is known for its safe and friendly environment, a warm welcome to the international students. Students would easily fit themselves into the community living of Brisbane, giving them a chance to experience the real Brisbanite lifestyle.

Looking for a comfortable and affordable place to study overseas is always a question asked by many. Brisbane has the lowest cost of living and affordable tuition fees. With its weather condition and culturally diverse city, Brisbane is an exceptionally inclusive city, which makes the international students feel at home.

Brisbane hosts a huge number of multicultural events each year from the popular Regional Flavours Food Festival, Paniyiri Greek Festival, Oktoberfest to BrisAsia Festival.

Join us for a 1-hour seminar session on 2 December 2017, Saturday, at PH Property Gallery (IMAGO Shopping Mall) to get to know Brisbane better and learn why this is the best city for you and your family. Representatives will be on site to share the market outlook and potential of Brisbane with you.

Seats to this seminar are limited. For those who are interested in attending, please register your interest by clicking on this link: Brisbane Seminar Registration.

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