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Bandar Rimbayu Celebrates the Festive Season With Big Fun Day

Embracing the spirit of Chinese New Year, Bandar Rimbayu's Big Fun Day brought family and friends together-gather, at their green and expansive gallery showroom, The ARC. The fun filled day with a fiesta atmosphere is the first of Bandar Rimbayu's exciting events for the year 2017. Open to the public and homeowners of Bandar Rimbayu's homes, the event attracted a large crowd of children, young adults and parents. With an array of activities to choose from, there was plenty to see and experience at the property developer's green showroom.

The highly anticipated programme included an acrobatic lion dance by the Khuan Loke troupe. The vibrant performance by the group got the crowd from all walks of life into the Chinese New Year spirit. Taking the excitement to the next level, the 24 season drum performance by VR Drummers got the pulses rising with an energetic drum performance. Visitors to the outdoor event also witnessed the God of Prosperity going on a walkabout at the venue.

An event for people of all ages, the young ones were thrilled to be given the chance to have a horse riding experience on the much-loved pony. Horse lovers and those young at heart also had the opportunity to go on horse rides. Not forgetting those looking for a little challenge, Big Fun Day also featured a variety of 10 game stalls. Many young adults tried their luck at the entertaining games, fostering friendly competition between families and neighbours. The day was made even more exciting with big fortune lucky draws for Bandar Rimbayu property owners.

Chinese cultural fans had the opportunity to learn about the traditional art of Bian Lian, the Chinese mask-changing the show, presented by Suresh. The well-known performer thrilled the crowd with his quick mask-changing movements and friendly character.

In between the fun activities, visitors at The ARC were also treated to 88-feet prosperity Yee Sang, a dim sum buffet and tong sui. The children enjoyed their share of popcorn, hot dog and candy floss throughout the event.

The highlight of the Big Fun Day was the presence of Astro stars Hui Mei, Nicole, Geraldine and Danny on stage, as they entertained the crowd with their live performances. The popular artists added a touch of glamour and excitement to the event.

"Big Fun Day has always been a day that creates opportunities to bond and strengthens relationships between families, neighbours and the larger community. Besides building homes, we at Bandar Rimbayu are committed to building a community where families can spend quality time together with events such as Rimbayu #runwithme on July 9" said Susan Teh, Sales and Marketing Senior Manager at Bandar Rimbayu.

IJM LAND's Bandar Rimbayu Big Fun Day has successfully brought friends and families together, giving them a chance to create new memories in the great outdoors.

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