In the past 6 years, Property Hunter has organized more than 30 expo(s) dubbed as PH Expo across major cities in Sabah and Sarawak. Every year we strive to give the best to our loyal clients and visitors. We step out from our comfort zone and improve our expo features from time to time to bring greater value to our clients and visitors to thank them for their tremendous support over the years.

“Change is the only constant”. We couldn’t agree more on this. We rapidly change to adapt to the challenging market nowadays. When everyone seems to be swimming with the tides, we at Property Hunter choose to be an aeroplane and fly against the wind because that is the only real way to reach your target destination. Thus, this leads to the change - Property Hunter Convention.

A convention where we connect the key players of the industry under one roof, let them play their parts and bring each other value – from home buyers, developers, agents, bankers, and tax experts alike.

Property Hunter Convention will be held in Sutera Harbour Resort. Ideally located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Sutera Harbour Resort welcomes you to an integrated world of luxury and pleasure. This location overlooks the beautiful shores of the South China Sea with the majestic Mount Kinabalu as its backdrop – presenting you with the ideal combination of business and pleasure with full access to everything from the convention centre, to accommodation and to other recreational facilities and activities.


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First Time Investors

Everyone wants to own a property but not everyone knows how to start owning one. We often hear that the best time to buy a property was 5 years ago. Do we really want to wait and see? Well, PH suggests you come to this talk and learn property 101, unless another 5 years sounds good to you.

Industry Talk

Stakeholders from across the spectrum of the real estate chain meet to learn and network so collectively everyone can make meaningful contribution to push the industry forward.

Night Crawl

Real businesses are often sealed over a glass of beer, or wine if you prefer. We have no shame in declaring the Night Crawl to be the most coveted By-Invitation networking gathering in KK where investors, real estate professionals and exhibitors meet. Your success may depend on who you have a drink with!
BLT Talk (Bank, Law and Tax)

The paper work is just too much, isn’t it? One of the common reasons we don’t initiate to purchase a house is because we don’t understand how the bank, tax and lawyer fees work and we often skip all those lengthy calculations. In Property Hunter Convention, we promise you this sharing session will be a fun one, at least better than your high school mathematics class!

Agent & Developer Match-Making

Let’s skip the part where we do not know what Tinder is. One of the highlights in our convention is we gather all competent agents in this 2-day event and match them to developers. Here, developers get to pitch their projects for local agents to consider marketing and let’s see how it goes from there – no offence if you got “swept left”

Lunch & Learn

This luncheon event is only for invited or RSVP guests. These exclusive private lunch sessions will give you a better chance to explain your projects in-depth. We understand SOLD is your favourite 4-letter word.
Seasoned Investors Talk

You might own more than 10 properties but do you know how to optimize these properties to contribute to your wealth accumulation? The world of real estate keeps on revolving with endless possibilities and you might want to be kept updated on how to manage your properties and multiply your income like nobody’s business.

Speed Date Land & Sub Sale

Have we told you that Property Hunter Convention 2018 is not your typical property convention? You should know that by now. To make things interesting, we are also having a match making session between land and property owners to their long-awaited buyers.

The Magellan Sutera Resort, Kota Kinabalu
Updated on 21.11.2017
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