e-Tenancy Agreement
e-sign your tenancy, sales and purchase agreement anywhere anytime.

About e-Tenancy
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An electronic legal agreement between Landlord and Tenant.
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Enables both parties to e-sign on the document without having the need for the solicitor, future tenant and landlord to meet in person.

Saves time and convenient - signed at any place any time


Support online payments




24/7 Accessibility

Step-by-Step Tutorial
Steps how to create e-tenancy agreement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The system will auto-generate the e-Tenancy agreement on the spot once the form is filled in completely. After generating the agreement, you will receive a notification via email and SMS to all parties (Landlord and Tenant).

Property Hunter only holds the agent profile data registered account and the e-tenancy order status only. Data such as the tenant and landlord details will not be kept.

We accept payment via Debit or Credit card, and also Online Banking (FPX) for almost all major banks available in Malaysia.

At the moment, Lesys e-Tenancy is exclusive to agent with premium account subscription.

You can refer to the Progress Box in the Agent's Dashboard to keep track of the status.
Progress - Agreement is processing
Signed - Agreement has been signed by both parties
Stamped - Agreement has been stamped by LHDN

No, you must logged-in to our website before you can create the agreement.

e-Tenancy Processing Fee RM100
LHDN Stamp Duty TBC
e-Stamping Charged according to annual rental

e-Tenancy is legal in Malaysia. Lepro is the company that developed Lesys e-Tenancy and has been officially appointed by LHDN for e-stamping since 2016. Up until today, Lesys have more than 500 e-tenancy agreements stamped by LHDN.

You may contact our direct hotline 013-8522898 for assistance.

You may contact our direct hotline 013-8522898 for assistance.

Each success agreement will get e-Tenancy Reward for both REN and Agency worth RM5 each. Total e-Tenancy Reward accumulated can be viewed from the agent's dashboard on Property Hunter and also the generic page for the agency.

Party e-Tenancy Reward
Agency RM5

It is a reward mechanism to incentivise the agents who created e-tenancy agreement. The reward will be credited to your PH account after the completion of the e-tenancy process.

You can use the rewards to redeem or pay for:

1) Annual PH account fees
2) Advertisement on PH Website
3) EDM blast

Let's Hear What The Experts Say

What Other Say About e-Tenancy


Awesome services! I don't have to waste my time for documentation work. Now I can focus on my sales totally.

Rachel Lee Guat Hoi
Vivahomes Realty


Good and convenient, user friendly, reasonable prices.I will recommend friends to use.

Angela Chye Chew Lian
GS Realty Sdn Bhd


I used Lesys e-tenancy many times and it is very efficient and professional. I only need 2 days to get the completed tenancy agreement.

GS Realty Sdn Bhd


A property agent should spend more time and energy on closing more cases and sales. Lesys e-tenancy can help in documentation of tenancy agreement and did a great job. I feel safe when using this service.

Fan Yea Jye
Centeline Asia Sdn Bhd
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