1. Is it a good time to buy now considering the Covid-19 situation?
Yes and no. Depending on your financial situation. If you are financially ready, this would be one of the best times to buy because:
  • Excellent package offered by developer
  • Seller more willing to offer discount
  • Universal rule “buy when everyone is panic, panic when everyone is buying” applies
  • Interest rate is very low
2. Are the banks still lending money out?
Definitely yes. But they have also become more selective to lend to those with reasonable financial background and track record.
3. Will property price drop further?
Good question! We also want to know but unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball. However, history has shown that after every crisis, property price will bounce back stronger. You can watch an analysis by Dr Victor Gan here: https://www.facebook.com/drvictorgan/videos/670747083754229/
4. Where do I find below market value property?
There is no shortcut. Intensive research you must do! Some suggestions:
5. Why should I buy during the Big Property Hunter Sale period?
Savings, that’s what you will get. We gathered developers and agents to provide good discount and packages to make property ownership easy. Feel free to make an enquiry to find out the savings (at the same time you may just win a lucky draw prize!)
6. Who pays for the agency fees (commission) when buying / renting a house?
In most cases, the seller pays.
7. Should I use an agency when buying / renting a property?
Contrary to popular belief, buying / renting a property does involve a tedious process and legal implications. A professional agent can save you from making costly mistake and time. Have a property to buy / rent / sell? Speak to a licensed agent now here:
8. When buying a house, can I use the same lawyer as the seller?
Ideally not. Just imagine, when things go wrong with the deal, who is the lawyer suppose to represent and help? (although in reality many people share their lawyers for cost saving purpose, so the decision is entire yours to make)
9. Not sure about the buying process? Here are some of our property guides to help.