Strata Title to Be Resolved
The issue of strata title will no longer bedevil Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers’ Association (Sheda) and house buyers. The reason being Sa...
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clock 19-01-2019
Communal Titles to Go From Dec
The State Government via the Lands and Surveys Department will cancel Communal Title grants in stages throughout Sabah from next month. Chief Minister D...
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clock 15-11-2018
Chinese National Desperately Seeking Refund After Failed House Deal
A Chinese national has sought help from the MCA Public Services and Complaints Department after failing to get a refund on his deposit of RM65,826 paid to ...
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clock 28-08-2018
Strata Law: Sabah Lagging Behind 46 Years
Sabah is 46 years behind in strata law, said Chartered Surveyor Robert New at the 6th Sabah International Surveyors Congress recently. "Sabah has 46 yea...
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clock 24-08-2018
Wakiki Owners Wants Professional Management Body to Run the Property
The group of Waikiki Condominium unit owners are bidding to overthrow the incumbent management corporation in their annual general meeting, which was held ...
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clock 20-08-2018
Sabah Abolishes Communal Grants, Replaces It With Individual Land Titles
The Sabah State Government has decided to abolish the granting of land through communal grants and to replace it with individual land titles to enable the ...
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clock 10-08-2018
20-Year Strata Title Wait Over for Grace Court, Grace Ville Owners Soon
After waiting for 20 years, owners of Grace Court and Grace Ville can expect to get the subsidiary titles to their properties by the end of this year. T...
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clock 26-07-2018
Residents of Eden Heights Angered Over 18-Year Wait for Strata Title and Poor Management
Residents at Eden Heights Condominium have positive hopes that the subsidiary title issue that plagued them for 18 years has a glimmer of being resolved no...
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clock 10-07-2018
Housing Projects on Privately Leased Land Detrimental to Buyers
Private companies should not be allowed to lease out freehold land for housing developments for 99 years, Malaysia's National House Buyers Association (HBA...
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clock 06-06-2018
State Government Strives to Enhance Regulation on Strata Titles
Sarawak is determined to benchmark itself against other places around the world in terms of the issuance of strata titles for buildings. This matter is ...
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clock 21-03-2018
Apartment Owners Seek Legal Redress After 18 Years
With 18 years of waiting, the owners of Bundusan Villa Apartments are finally seeking legal redress to solve their strata titles problem. The residents ...
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clock 07-02-2018
7-Year Wait Over Soon for Residents in Three Villages
Residents from three villages here breathed a sigh of relief when swift action from the Sabah Land and Survey Department renewed hopes that their seven-yea...
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clock 06-02-2018
179 Tracts on Compulsory Acquisition for Pan Borneo Highway
A total of 179 land titles in this district are targeted for compulsory acquisition to make way for the Pan Borneo Highway project. The lands are relate...
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clock 02-02-2018
The High-Rise and Fall
High-rise condominiums offer an exhilarating lifestyle, including luxury amenities not available in most single-family homes. At the same time high-rises d...
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clock 31-01-2018
Why No Strata Titles After 12 Years, Asks Sarawak MP
KUCHING: Sarawak Opposition lawmaker Chong Chieng Jen questioned the government today over the delay in issuing strata titles for 14 affordable state-built...
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clock 28-12-2017
Commissioner to Manage Residential, Commercial Properties
The Steering Committee for the Review of Subsidiary Title and Management Corporation will be introducing the Office of Commissioner of Building to address ...
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clock 20-12-2017
Strata Law Review in Second Phase, Says Minister
KOTA KINABALU: When the Land (Subsidiary Title) Enactment 1972 was introduced in Sabah in the 1970s, it was considered by property managers as the most pro...
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clock 26-11-2017
5 Things You Need to Know if You Are Buying Your Property From the Secondary Market
If you are looking for a ready, more secure, and less speculative type of property, you would look into the secondary market rather than those that are sti...
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clock 24-11-2017
191 Communal Title Owners Can Develop Land, Says JKKK
SIPITANG: A total of 191 villagers in Kampung Iburu, who are registered owners of NCR land communal grants are categorized as the legitimate holders of 1,1...
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clock 10-11-2017
Landowners Get RM6.8million in Compensation
LIMBANG: The government, on Wednesday 1 November, paid out over RM6.8 million in compensation for lands acquired for three public infrastructure projects i...
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clock 05-11-2017
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