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Alam Suria: A Prime Modern Haven Nestled in an Evolving Landscape

Puncak Alam's transformation into a thriving township from a quiet area is a testament to IJM Land's well-honed expertise, cultivated over two decades since 2001. The masterfully developed Alam Suria by IJM Land, spanning 1,163 acres, showcases a vibrant mix of residential and commercial projects. 

This prime location offers a serene environment while being close to essential amenities, making it highly attractive. It has already attracted around 28,000 residents, with more soon to join the Alam Suria community.

Surrounded by nature, Alam Suria offers a peaceful retreat with refreshing breezes and tranquil tree-lined lanes. The entrance, adorned with the Gerbera Flower symbolising joy and cheer, warmly welcomes each resident home

With the tagline "Bringing It All Together," this township epitomises a comprehensive, holistic, and comfortable lifestyle. Known as the “City of Leisure,” Alam Suria has redefined suburban living with its focus on three pillars — Reside, Revitalise, and Reconnect. People from all walks of life can expect a complete township with a wide range of amenities, providing all the required elements for a comfortable lifestyle and more. Residents can reside in comfort while enjoying peace-of-mind living. 

Residents enjoy comfort, assured that Alam Suria is their long-term home. They find daily revitalisation in the lush surroundings and retail options, fostering connections within the community and reconnecting with loved ones and friends in the nearby park.

Capitalising on a key driver of exponential growth is the soon-to-be-completed East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), located at Puncak Alam, approximately 2km from Alam Suria city center. This will enhance convenience and connectivity for residents, serving as a catalyst to boost market growth and make it an increasingly appealing place to live and invest in the future.

Future convenience awaits at Daffodil Residency, located just 2km from the upcoming ECRL station scheduled to open in 2028.

Effortless Commuting and Strategic Connectivity 

The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project is a transformative 665 km-long railway that will connect several regions across Malaysia's east and west coasts. It is scheduled for completion by the end of 2026 and full operational readiness by January 2027, significantly reducing travel time between Kota Bharu and Kuala Lumpur to just four hours. This improvement will enhance connectivity and accessibility along this stretch of the peninsula.

Within this network, the ECRL Puncak Alam Passenger Station is strategically positioned within Alam Suria as a vital hub. Located near Jalan Ambang Suria 17/2/1, the station is just 1.3 km from the Suria Square commercial centre, 1.5 km from Daffodil Residency, and 1 km from the highly anticipated Suria Hill, scheduled for launch in Q4 2024. Residents or passengers will be able to travel to KL city centre by transiting from ITT Gombak to KLCC or Petaling Jaya via the Kelana Jaya LRT link.

Daffodil Residency offers residents a balanced lifestyle with facilities promoting wellbeing and community, including a swimming pool, wading pool, jacuzzi, multipurpose hall, and BBQ pit.

Contemporary Tropical Living

In particular, Daffodil Residency, which is located within close proximity to the ECRL station, is an 18-storey apartment complex that epitomises contemporary tropical living. Spread across 7.88 acres with a low-density layout, this development harmoniously integrates modern aesthetics with timeless architectural elements. Housing 354 spacious units, each featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the Gross Development Value (GDV) of Daffodil Residency is RM 127 million.

The thoughtful layout and open-concept design of Daffodil Residency prioritise natural ventilation and circulation, ensuring cosy and energy-efficient living spaces that can be enjoyed by all. With prices starting at just RM340,000, Daffodil Residency offers exceptional value for homebuyers seeking a practical yet comfortable lifestyle. Since its launch on March 1, 2024, Daffodil Residency has already seen a promising take-up rate, reflecting strong demand for quality housing in the vicinity.  

Known as the City of Leisure, Alam Suria redefines suburban living with Reside, Revitalise, and Reconnect, offering diverse amenities for a comfortable lifestyle.

Next Phase Forward

Building on the success of previous developments, Alam Suria is also set to launch Suria Hill, a low-density hilltop double-storey terrace house development spread across a 170-acre site. Comprising 918 units and consisting of five main phases, Suria Hill also features Suria Park, a 4.42-acre area of lush greenery with facilities suitable for all ages to have fun and enjoy. The Parcel 1—Type E homes, with a land area of 20’x’60’ and each measuring 1,606 sq ft, will be launched in Q4 2024. 

This new phase promises to offer residents modern landed living spaces in a thriving community. Each unit is designed with a focus on utility, spaciousness, and comfort, catering to residents who desire a high quality of life. The launch of Suria Hill represents the next step in IJM Land’s ongoing commitment to creating well-rounded and vibrant living environments.

Enjoy the modern amenities at Daffodil Residency, featuring a badminton court and children's playground.

A Promising Future

The addition of the ECRL station within Alam Suria is a bonafide game-changer, enhancing accessibility and elevating the township to an even more attractive place to live and, as a result, to invest in.

"The ECRL and WCE will attract businesses and investors, spurring economic activity and creating job opportunities in the area. This seamless connectivity enhances accessibility and significantly boosts the value of Alam Suria as a prime living location. With improved public transportation infrastructure and better connectivity within the states, property prices in the region are expected to increase, paving the way for Alam Suria's accelerated development and future growth," said Mr. Chai Kian Soon, Senior General Manager of IJM Land.

Alam Suria, with its blend of modern living spaces, strategic location, and upcoming transportation links, is set to reap the dual benefits of improved connectivity and enhanced public transport infrastructure to become a thriving and desirable community in the very near future. 

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