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ZUBA Announces Strategic Business Alliance With Local Merchants in Sabah

ZUBA, a leading hotel and homestay booking platform in Sabah, held a landmark ZUBA Hospitality Platform Business Alliance Signing Ceremony today, formalising a strategic partnership with 25 local merchants to enhance its offerings and provide unparalleled benefits to its users.

ZUBA has quickly established itself as a premier on-demand booking platform, offering the best price points and integrating advanced technology, real estate, and local commercial products and services. This integration ensures consumers a more convenient, diverse, and high-quality accommodation experience in Sabah. 

Introduction of ZUBA Accommodation Platform Business Alliance

The signing ceremony marked a significant impact on the industry and local tourism businesses. By collaborating with local tourism-related businesses, ZUBA aims to offer unique consumer experiences and exclusive discounts. This partnership embodies a community spirit fostering interaction and support between the platform and local merchants.

A total of 15 companies, representing 18 prominent brands, from restaurants, bar & bistros, convenient stores,massage & spa, outdoor activities and transportation, attended the event to witness and support the formalisation of this business alliance. Charles Tsao Yu Hsiang, Chairman of Hyweb Malaysia Technology Sdn Bhd, represented ZUBA in this signing ceremony. This sets the framework for a collaborative partnership where merchants will provide exclusive benefits such as vouchers and discounts to ZUBA users. In return, ZUBA will actively promote the services and products of these merchants, prioritising their promotions as valued partners.

Importance for Local Tourism Businesses

“The alliance is set to increase customer traffic and bring greater exposure and opportunities to merchants,” said Charles. “This creates a win-win cooperation model that contributes to local economy growth and community development, reinforcing ZUBA's commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting Sabah's unique hospitality and commercial offerings.”

On ZUBA, travellers can easily book their favourite hotels or homestays. Additionally, ZUBA collaborates with numerous local businesses, allowing travellers to enjoy their services and discounts through the platform, and redeem free vouchers. 

Not only does ZUBA offer the largest selection of accommodations in Kota Kinabalu, but more importantly, ZUBA enables travellers to immerse themselves in the rich local culture and unique charm of the region.

Voucher Offers

When booking accommodation on ZUBA, travellers will receive complimentary vouchers. These vouchers can be used for purchases and redemptions at our 25 partner merchants. 

The validity period of these vouchers is determined based on the traveller’s check-in and check-out times, ensuring maximum convenience during their journey. Most importantly, the vouchers are very easy to use with minimal restrictions. They do not require a minimum spending amount, only a maximum redemption limit, making it flexible and convenient for travellers to use them.

In addition, ZUBA also offers the ZUBA Points feature, allowing consumers to choose to purchase and store points. When travellers use the points at partner merchants, they can enjoy additional discounts. What’s more, these points can be freely transferred to their family and friends, so there’s no need to worry about points expiring and becoming unusable. There are also occasional special promotional activities on the platform, such as lucky draws, sponsored by ZUBA.

Marketing Director, Michael Tsao

Merchant Listing

Among the merchant listings, the alliance includes well-known brands such as Orange Convenient Store, Touch of Malaysia, Tamoi Seafood, La Veranda, Enso Teppanyaki, Posh Club, Tapai Hidden & Private Bar, JP Dynamic Cruiser, Natura by PMA Spa & Wellness, EWT Tech, Travel Mania and many more.

Official Launch in October

The official launch of the ZUBA platform in October will mark a new milestone and collective achievement for all stakeholders. With a goal to reach 2,000 accommodation units by 2025, ZUBA appreciates the support and participation of all alliance members in making this vision a reality.

Behind ZUBA is the strong support of its parent company, CSX Holdings. CSX Holdings is a diversified real estate investment group with properties in key areas such as Sabah, and the Klang Valley. As of March this year, their properties have a total value of RM188 million, comprising over 163 units. These premium properties will offer ZUBA platform users a wealth of accommodation choices to suit every traveller’s needs.

According to Marketing Director, Michael Tsao, “From a business point of view, ZUBA is also a great platform for local businesses to team up. We can share marketing and customers, which helps everyone — and boosts tourism in Sabah.”

“We’re lucky to have strong support from CSX Holdings, who’ve given us access to 180 places to stay. This means we can offer lots of choices right from the start, which gets our team really excited,” he added.

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