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Kelvin Fong on the Secret of ‘The Untold Truth, Why True Leaders Don’t Retire’.

The renowned speaker and a Legend in the real estate industry leading more than 12,000 negotiators* (as at 19 October 2022), is none other than Mr Kelvin Fong, Executive Director of PropNex SIngapore. Recently, he was down in Malaysia for the ‘Meet the Legend’ event whereby he together with PropNex Malaysia held a symposium talk, attended by close to 300, held at the M-Theatre MAHSA Avenue. He spoke on the topic he holds true to his heart, "The Untold Truth: Why True Leaders Don't Retire".

For those that may have heard of his name prior to this, he is known as the legend amongst the real estate fraternity in Malaysia and Singapore. His remarkable life story and extraordinary feats of rags to riches will awe and provide a sense of motivation to most negotiators, as he is the epitome of a normal individual achieving remarkable feats.

He has achieved it all in this lifetime, and the man that has the calibre to touch on the subject of why real estate has turned his life around.

During the symposium talk, he shared his lifelong path and his own personal transformation and the reason why leaders do not retire. When someone embarks on transformation of life for others it certainly does not have a shelf life, it is continuous in nature. When one sees the changes in their or another person's lives, they see the value they bring to the table for others and with transformation there is no specific timeline in this lifetime of ours.

Everyone, at a certain point in life they will meet complacency but do not let complacency set in, as everyone has a purpose in life, and he shared his purpose and that he sees himself as a coach and always aims to transform other lives that crosses his path. He finds happiness in building people and eventually seeing them transform is what makes him a coach today. Transforming life for a true leader is with the ultimate aim to build people and inspire others.

During his sharing, Kelvin touched on 7 tips in cultivating an effective team which are building the right culture, leveraging on team work, adding value, creating a system, never being afraid of competition, dare to make changes and creating a brand.

In conjunction with his visit to Kuala Lumpur, PropNex Malaysia played host to ‘The Legendary Night’ - Meet the Legend gala dinner followed with awards presentation for all PropNex Malaysia and other invited guests in the industry.

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