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Everything You Need to Know About HBA

The National House Buyers Association of Malaysia (HBA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation.They are a body that ensures house purchasers receive balanced, fair, and equal treatment in their dealings with housing developers.

The HBA committee is made up of a group of disappointed homeowners who learned, to their dismay, that having their complaints recognized was a time-consuming procedure.

HBA along with lawyers representing homebuyers who filed a civil suit against a developer.

Working as a watcher in the housing industry, HBA seeks to raise awareness of its members' legal rights and freedoms on all real estate.

The HBA also intends to pursue independent authoritative interests, coordinate a check and balance to preserve the rights of members/buyers, and educate members on how to protect their legitimate interests in the housing market.

According to the complaints received by the HBA and media reports, the damage suffered by home buyers who trusted their developers to deliver their products effectively is far too common. HBA would want to see an equal playing field between developers and home purchasers, as well as that homeowners' rights are not violated.

Those who would like to submit a complaint to the organisation may do so via e-mail at, or by visiting the HBA's website at to learn more.

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