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Colour Schemes That Give Your Home a Trendy Look

Finding the right look for your home can be a hassle especially when you’re aiming for a brighter and more welcoming look. Adding colour to your home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to that colour forever. 

While many think sticking to one colour to be minimalist, colours can express or portray the feeling of the owner, hence making them look like a boring person. Here are some colour tips that may just give that touch of brightness.

Unless you love the thrill of redecorating, do keep in mind that you’ll be living with your colour choices for a while.

1. Basic nude

Nude is a colour commonly used in the fashion and beauty industry because of its neutral look making it able to blend with everything. Its calming relaxing effect gives a warm, welcoming and friendly approach to your home. 

It can make your living space look more lively than ever. You could even pair them up with cooling tone decorations, and if you feel like switching up the furniture, or the look of your living room, it wouldn’t be such a hassle.

2. Emerald green

Green is known to be an environmental colour, hence creating a peaceful, cheery and calming mood. According to Feng Shui, it symbolizes prosperity, luck, hope and even absent mindedness. 

With a touch of green, your home will look elegant and charming.

3. Classic Grey

Did you know that grey gives a sophisticated and elegant look to your home? Although it may be a controversial colour as it may be taken as a depressing look, it actually sets off a sense of belonging and acceptance. 

However grey is not suitable in every room. Places such as children’s bedrooms or nurseries or any room that require creativity should avoid grey at all costs. 

4. Greige

Whoever thought a mixture of grey and beige could become a trendy shade for interior design? If you’re aiming for a wooden furniture home, greige is your go to colour.

Similar to classic grey, greige created a sophisticated look with a slight touch of warmth coming from the beige. Do make sure you visualize the areas you would like to coated before covering the whole house in greige.

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