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Guides to Creating a Smart Home of Your Own in Malaysia

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Did you know that the ability to create a smart home is just at the tip of your fingers? With the advancement of technology, we have prioritized the need in finding a more sustainable home. 

Whether it be the way we recycle our rubbish, switching to eco-friendly products, or even making sure we save as much electricity as possible, we opt to apply these ‘sustainable’ actions into our everyday lives.

For others, they create drastic changes by advancing into eco-technologies.

Green mortgages

Several banks in Malaysia have started to offer the option to go for green mortgages during this pandemic. This makes it all the more so for first home buyers to seize the opportunity as these green mortgage options may come with lower interest rates making it less costly especially for those in the B40 category.

Now until 31 December, Maybank is offering the chance for you to create a greener home. In collaboration with developers namely, Gamuda, Sime Darby and IJM, you'll have the chance to save mother nature as well as your wallet.

Green technology

During the pandemic, smart technology has been an ongoing trend. Every day people find smarter ways to live comfortably and cost-saving. Some may think that you’ll need super-advanced technology in order to create a smart home, when in fact all you need to do is create an all age-friendly and energy-efficient home. 

This can be done by simply installing smoke detectors, closed-circuit televisions(CCTV), wireless home systems and even wireless lighting systems. 

Without realizing it, you’ve probably already installed these smart systems in your home.

Studies have proven that by going wireless, you can save 25% off your electricity bill.

Green energy sources

If you’re already thinking about switching to green technology, you might want to consider going green completely even with renewable energy. 

Many products that use renewable energy are available in stores. All it takes is to find the right one for you. 

In Malaysia, the most suitable energy source would be solar. Many homes have applied these systems. Tenaga Nasional has even encouraged the usage of solar panels as it can save you and your wallet from RM2,000 of your yearly electricity bill. 


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