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Simple Tips to Save on Electricity Bill

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Dread receiving your electricity bill? Do you start calculating and re-budget your finances for next month because of the shocking figure on that bill?

Did you know that, according to figures from the World Bank, fossil fuels accounted for about 79.7% of global energy use in 2015? The depletion of our planet's fossil fuels will only increase if we are not careful with our power consumption.

Want to do your part in conserving energy and reducing your carbon footprint? Here are some energy-saving tips that are not only good for your wallet but also good for Mother Nature!

  1. Use energy-saving appliances

Home appliances with energy-efficient labelling are not only less expensive, but they may also cut your energy usage in half at home. An energy-efficient refrigerator, for example, consumes three times less electricity than a standard refrigerator. In addition, LED light bulbs consume 80% less energy than typical incandescent lights.

  1. Pull the plug

Did you know that you’re still wasting electricity when you leave your devices plugged in, or on standby mode? In fact, these seemingly little acts can account for up to 12% of your total electricity consumption. Plugging your household devices into power strips is one solution. Simply turn off the power and unplug the main plug when they're not in use. You may save up to 30% on your power cost with this!

  1. Invest in plug-in timer switches

The Plug-In Timer Switch is a power-saving gadget that automates electrical appliances quickly and easily. Get one (or more), set it up appropriately (for example, if you're going to sleep and you've just switched on your light, set the timer to turn off in approximately an hour). You’d be surprised at how much you actually saved.

  1. Service and go easy on air-conditioner

Regularly servicing your air-conditioner will ensure that it’s running efficiently and cool your room or house faster, thus reducing electricity usage. Cleaning the filter yourself every few months is another method to save electricity. Cleaning or replacing blocked filters may reduce your energy consumption between 5% and 15% on your energy bill, so go ahead and watch that "how to" video on YouTube right now.

Using the "sleep mode" or timed feature can also help you save a lot of energy. You may also consider setting it to only 25 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, air conditioners operate at their peak efficiency and aren't overworked. As a result, there is less of a power drain.

  1. Wash only when there’s a full load

Another way to conserve water is to wash your clothes in cold water. Warming the water accounts for 75% to 90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine. Other advantages of utilising cold water include the fact that your clothes will not shrink, wrinkle less, and the colours will not fade.

  1. Keep plants at home

Plants release water during its transpiration process, keeping the air fresh and cool on hot days. Not only will you save energy by not turning on the lights, you also won’t need to turn on the air conditioning too. Plus, you’ll have a nice-looking indoor plant to style up your home.

  1. Setting the right temperature for your fridge and freezer

To keep the food inside our refrigerator fresh, we want to keep it cool. As a result, you can end up consuming more energy, and you may be shocked at how expensive your electricity bill becomes at the end of the month. Reduce the amount of power used by keeping the refrigerator temperature at or below 4° C. This will allow it to function at optimal efficiency and help you save. The suggested temperature for the freezer is 0° C.

Environmentally friendly lifestyles have long been promoted by both public and private organisations. However, perhaps you don't know where to begin or you don’t wish to go through the supposed fuss involved. It takes very little effort to save electricity at home. You will see a reduction in your electricity bill the next month if you complete all the above.

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