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IQI Team Leader Gears Up to Propel His Team Forward for Success

ESz Sabri is an experienced real estate negotiator that leads an IQI team, Wise Wallet Consultancy (WWC) in Miri, Sarawak. He's on a mission to support the newer generation of RENs to succeed in a digital-focused world of real estate. The following is a short interview he did with Property Hunter to share his story. 

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1) How long have you been in real estate and how has this career impacted your life?

I've been in the industry now for six years. Starting out, I was introduced to a broker and then became a licensed REN. This career impacted my life so much in a way that I can spread industry knowledge to the public, especially to youngsters. Also by helping the community to own or invest in property with proper guidance.

2) During MCO, how did you manage to lead your team through the pandemic?

Digitalization is a must! Be a digital nation team. In Wise Wallet Consultancy (WWC) we continuously encourage our agents to transform their marketing strategy from basic digital to advanced digital platforms. The business will be "killed" by the pandemic if we keep on doing marketing as we did before the pandemic.

3) What is a milestone or achievement that you are most proud of during your real estate career?

Although I have been recognized by a number of titles, such as Top Producer for project and sub-sales and for leading the fastest growing team in IQI Miri, for me my most proud achievement is that I've helped many agents survive economically by offering them this real estate negotiator's platform.

4) Why have you chosen the Property Hunter platform to help you excel your business as a team leader and real estate agent?

Property Hunter is one of the best marketing platforms. They have the expertise to help marketing transform to digitalization.

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