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Property Hunter Sarawak and Sunshine the Children Society Collaborate for a Colouring Contest

Children across Malaysia are being forced to stay at home and parents are struggling to keep them mentally active and creative. This is why Sunshine The Children’s Society (STCS) and Property Hunter Sarawak (PHS) banded together for a 3-week colouring contest to encourage youngsters to continue learning while staying at home during the Movement Control Order.

Director of PHS, Ade Pui said that "Property Hunter has just landed in Sarawak and we wish to make some contribution towards the local community. After seeing that the vision of STCS is to provide kids in Sarawak a platform to grow up in a healthy way, we decided to sponsor them for this online colouring contest.” 

The contest commenced on the 13th of June and was announced on the Property Hunter Sarawak page. From there, parents were able to download artwork templates based on each age group. Each artwork had a theme of home and family to remind the participants that staying at home can be a vibrant and fun experience. 

Once the artworks were submitted, participants earned votes by the number of likes on their posts on the Property Hunter Sarawak page. There were 15 lucky winners and meanwhile those that did not win were also encouraged to have a positive outlook on life. 

The 3-week colouring contest was received well and Property Hunter Sarawak hopes to collaborate with other organizers in the near future.

Cat A First Prize - Charis Kong En Xi

Cat B First Prize - Farrel Quintrell Alister

Cat C First Prize - Chloe Tan Xiang Qing


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