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Cornerstone Xstate Launched New Proptech- a Mobile Application ‘X-Force Connect’ in Real Estate Leads Management.

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In an ever-competitive world of business and real estate, having a slight edge or miniscule advantage over the competition can make the difference between success and failure. Award-winning estate agency Cornerstone Xstate recently launched a proprietary program to enable agents and negotiators receive real time leads, simplified the process of managing interactions with existing and past as well as potential clients then help store all the data leads effectively through a dedicated mobile application platform known as X-Force Connect.

With the proliferation of CRM (customer-relationship management) software in the marketplace, it can be rather a hassle to choose the right platform to suit one’s corporate requirements and to get the job done within the shortest period of time in a smarter way. As no such ideal platform exists, CSX decided to embark on a bold quest or mission back in 2019 to develop its own CRM-based system, which was taken to ensure agents and negotiators continue to thrive. With an initial investment over half a million ringgits for the first phase of its tech expansion plan and transformation agenda via its mobile application was completed. Further investments for fine-tuning the app for a more holistic user experience is expected in the immediate future.

In CSX, we truly believe artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of all complex decision making. With that having a reliable quality data is important as it can dramatically improve the efficiencies of our organization at low cost. X-Force Connect not only helps agents and negotiators manage and serve their clients better, it also collates the leads or prospects they currently handle. The app also serves as a personal assistant of sorts to the agent or negotiator, making sure he or she is always attuned to their database. It is wholly developed by a team of professionals working in tandem with top management and field agents at CSX based on years of experience in the real estate industry.

The marriage between real estate and information technology comes together in perfect sync and harmony as a fully-customizable mobile application working smarter, better, and faster for the hardworking folks of Cornerstone. As the app itself is solely created by agents for agents, it routinely searches and updates daily tasks and also work routines, and then customizes them to the needs of the agent or negotiator who’s always on the go by just a simple click of a button on their smartphones.

Since its inception over a decade ago in 2008, Cornerstone Xstate has always been associated with many creative strategies, innovative methodologies as well as state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Meanwhile, we see ourselves as a new trend of “tech-enabled agents’’, whereby we blend the agent’s profession with the tools of technology. Only experienced and well-trained real estate professionals know what is needed to serve the client better and faster. As an early adopter of hi-tech innovations, CSX has always assisted its agents and negotiators in landing mega deals and closing major transactions. It was evident when Cornerstone Xstate was the agency with agents, negotiators having the highest earning per annum at an average income of RM 132,649 in year 2019 which is higher than the industry average. The company’s overall growth and productivity have also skyrocketed tremendously throughout the years owing to its visionary approach to deal-breaking. And it all thanks to one man, Wong Yau Long, the Managing Director himself! 

“To remain relevant in the real estate industry, agents and negotiators must embrace digital technology. With the X-Force Connect, they can now boost their productivity by transacting deal Smarter, Better and Faster!”- Wong Yau Long, Managing Director of Cornerstone Xstate

Cornerstone Xstate wishes to thank everyone involved in the making of this marvellous and magnificent mobile-app. CSX shall continue to enrich livelihoods, empower estate agents and espouse real estate excellence.

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