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#WFHotel Deals in Kota Kinabalu for as Low as RM35

While working in a cafe is currently not possible and working from home is not viable for some of us, hotel operators took the opportunity to fill the gap by introducing work-from-hotel culture. 

The work-from-hotel model is similar to the co-working space business model but offers more privacy, no monthly membership commitment and adheres well to social distancing practice as the user will be having an entire room to themselves. 

This approach offers an alternative for users who have no formal home office to benefit from the hotel’s conducive and well-organised environment. It also helps hotel operators to combat the shrinking occupancy rate by taking advantage of their existing amenities and space. 

Economically, work-from-hotel packages can be one of the revenue streams to stay afloat and not dependant on travellers and events at the same time overcoming the lack of assistance for hotel industry after the tabling of Budget 2021.

Work-from-hotel Packages in Kota Kinabalu

We compile a list of #WFH hotels packages so you can pick your favourite new workstation. Scroll down to learn more about the offers.

Table by Property Hunter.

For as low as RM35, you can enjoy multiple benefits for a productive working day.

The Atelier

Photo source: The Atelier Facebook page 

The Atelier is an Instagram-able designer boutique hotel in Kota Kinabalu smart hotel features. Be inspired in one of The Atelier selected designer guest room with their #workfromhotel package.

Stanton Hotel

Photo source Stanton Hotel Facebook Page

Good things come to those who hustle. #workfromhotel with the Stanton Hotel to keep the momentum going and the good vibes flowing.

Oikos Poshtel Kota Kinabalu

Photo source: Oikos Poshtel Kota Kinabalu Facebook page

Let’s admit that there are times we are secretly embarrassed to attend an important virtual meeting. Of course, setting a virtual background can hide the mess behind you but avoiding the kids screaming or our pet barking relentlessly can be a challenge. Oikos Poshtel #workfromhotel package got you covered!

Favstay KK

Here is another #workfromhotel option by Favstay KK with unlimited access from 9am - 4pm book so you can dive in with your creative works without getting interrupted.

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