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1,000 Kimanis Folks Want Water Pipe Connection

More than 1,000 residents of Kampung Daingin in Kimanis are hoping the Government will connect the water pipeline from nearby Kg Penampang Baru to their village to enable them to enjoy clean water supply. 

One of the villagers, Mailin @ Charles Lajin, said they have been waiting for clean water supply for about 20 to 30 years, with numerous requests made to end their dependence on inconsistent untreated water supply from the hills and river.

He said water pipeline had already been installed in Kg Penampang Baru, which is only about four kilometres from their village. 

Mailin, who operates a shop at a stopover along the Kimanis-Keningau Road in their village, also hoped the Government will upgrade the facilities at the stopover, which is frequented by travellers in buses and private vehicles, as well as lorries, plying between Kimanis and Keningau. 

“Travellers, including tourists, always stop at the site to rest or use the public toilets there before or after going up the Crocker Range to Keningau or coming down to Kimanis or other parts in the West Coast.  

“Because we use water piped from the hills, the supply is inconsistent. And if the water intake point on the hills is clogged especially during the rainy season, we will not have water supply, including in the public toilets, so many people are complaining about no water. 

“Besides, taxi, lorry, bus and trailer drivers also stop at the site to fill up their vehicle water tanks.

“If the Government can provide us with a water compressor and pipeline to connect the stopover to a nearby river, maybe it can work as a short-term measure. But it would be best if we can have clean water supply via pipeline connected from nearby Kg Penampang Baru,” he said.

He said it is also timely for the Government to consider upgrading the stopover into an R&R (Rest and Recreational) site, like those in the peninsula, considering the great number of people travelling to and from Kimanis and Keningau.   

Mailin also hoped the Government or relevant authorities will install more road safety features, including signboards, to warn motorists to slow down when passing the stopover to prevent accidents. 

There are two main stopovers popular among travellers going between Kimanis and Keningau, on the other side of the Crocker Range.

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