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A Functional Home, Above Luxury and Aesthetics

When functionality meets an 'Asian-Scandinavian' aesthetic, the result would be a very comfy and cosy unit that's perfect for this small family of 3 to call “home"!

For Asma Abdul Muhamin and Syed Rosmy Hidayah, functionality was the main factor that they kept in mind when searching for a property.

Even though they're strong believers of a more pragmatic and practical approach when it comes to home ownership, they still needed a place that could afford them a much-needed escape.

“A dream home is a place you can go back to, and work just melts away. A place where you can shut off the hustle and bustle, and dive into a world of peace and serenity”. 

In A Home, We Unite

Asma and Rosmy share a very unique house hunting story, one that ended in a happy marriage.

Initially, when Asma was looking for a home, she was still single and hadn’t met her other half yet. It's why her search for the ideal small place seemed perfect. 

Rosmy, at that time, was only a colleague that Asma had recently met. During one of their conversations, she casually mentioned to him that she was on the look-out for a property to purchase.

After browsing through listings, she easily narrowed her search down to a few selected units at several locations.

Rosmy, being a gentleman, insisted that he follow her for site visits. Despite being confused with his offer, she agreed anyway. It was then that the chemistry grew between them.

Sometime later, they got married and purchased their home together – a cosy studio apartment at Empire Damansara. As it turns out, Rosmy coincidentally also prefers smaller spaces!

Now, Who Said Size Matters? 

Asma is a firm believer in small spaces. Her love for all things compact was evident, even during her younger years, when she realised that bigger spaces are more difficult to manage.

Having said that, her studio apartment is neither cluttered with ornaments, nor filled with big furniture and fittings.

Most of the stuff she has in the unit are functional, and can be moved around easily (for practical reasons, of course!).

Customising Isn’t A Need, It’s A Want 

Soon after their wedding, the couple received the keys to their new studio apartment. They were excited with the fact that they could just move in, with minimal things and little renovation required.

When it comes to a minimalist style of living, the best palette to follow would be Scandinavian.

As their idea of customisation was focused on a more minimalistic and practical style of living, their home has a more 'Asian-Scandinavian' feel to it.

“I never knew the existence of studio apartments in Malaysia until my husband pointed it out to me, but once I found out, I definitely wanted one!” Asma exclaimed.

Since functionality is their principle, an added advantage was the huge floor-to-ceiling wardrobe that came built-in with their unit. This eliminated the need for them to source for more furniture.

Turning A Vision Into Modern Practicality

In their home-making journey, Asma and Rosmy were constantly seeking out contractors whom they could work with, to bring their unique vision and ideas to life.

They were in the market for as many space-saving additions as possible, such as a pull-down bed, and other design ideas that could serve this purpose.

“To get more ideas, we were constantly looking at other properties, researching ideas online, and comparing other home designs on PropertyGuru”, she explained.

She also explained that they will always stick to their minimalist ways, as they prefer a home that is simple and clutter-free, yet comfortable.

Our Happy And (Very) Functional Home

It can’t be stressed enough that it's the shared ‘functionality’ belief that keeps this couple on the same page.

They affirm that a big space is not necessary for their lifestyle, as they're mostly at work, or out of the house for recreational purposes.

“If we had a huge family with our parents living with us, or even a live-in maid, then yes we may need all that extra space”, said Asma.

Rosmy added that smaller spaces are easier to clean and manage. Their life at Empire Damansara is testament to that; the studio apartment was a breeze to maintain its spotlessness! 

Even The Math Says It All!

“There are 365 days in a year, and assuming 65 of which are holidays, there are still another 300 working days. This means that you leave your house in the morning, only to return in the evening on most days.

Wouldn’t a small, comfy place be ideal enough for rest and relaxation? However, if you have a big family and find yourself spending most of your time at home, then somewhere that's spacious to snugly accommodate everyone would be best,” Asma explained enthusiastically.

At the end of the day, functionality, practicality and a simple lifestyle, according to Asma and her spouse, trumps more complicated, luxurious dwellings.

This was the draw factor to their current dream home, a choice that they are quite pleased with.

This article was originally published on PropertyGuru.

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