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Setting the Mood With Floor Tiles

Tiles, not unlike the colour of your wall, play a very important part in the house, either for aesthetic purposes or safety. It serves to expand, contract, brighten or dim a living space, and that is merely a scratch on the surface. Here are some tips on choosing the right tiles for your house:

1/ White widens the perception

White and gray marble tiles on bathroom floor. Rectangle tiles in perspective grid. Abstract vector background

It is well understood that white walls emphasise space, making your room look more spacious. This application also applies to white tiles. You can match your white floor and white walls together if you want to make the room look wider.

White isn’t the only to-go-to colour, as you can play with other light-coloured tiles such as cream, sand and beige colour. To further emphasise the illusion of space, use larger tiles. You can amplify this effect by placing the same material on the wall to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

2/ Illuminating the room with tiles

Blank wall in empty room with windows

Architectural flaws may result in some rooms not having the required amount of natural lighting, and that is just fine. Light coloured tiles not only serve to create the illusion of space, it also brightens the room. Glossy, metallic or mother-of-pearl finish tiles reflect light easily, giving the room a shinier presence. On the other hand, dark, woody or earthy colours, create a cool feeling. Do note that there are tiles that come in timber shades and motives to simulate real wood.

3/ Coefficient of friction

3D illustration of the bathroom without color and textures

Safety must never be traded for beauty, and this is apparent in places such as the bathroom or kitchen. Certain tiles turn into veritable slides when water comes into contact with the surface, translating to injury.

This factor is further emphasised if you have elderly people or children living under the same roof. With regards to the kitchen and bathroom, especially the shower area, always ensure that slip-resistant tiles are installed. When shopping for such tiles, search for products with a high coefficient of friction to increase the grip between floor and feet.

4/ Draw the eyes up with patterned tiles

Seamless patchwork tile in blue, gray and green colors. Vintage ceramic tiles vector illustration. Floor seamless design texture set. Tiles traditional mosaic, texture decoration tile pattern

White can be a boring colour when used extensively. Patterned tiles can make a room look more artsy and merry, but it also advances the wall visually. To add depth to the room, place the patterned tiles below dado rail height and use light coloured tiles above it. The visual combination should draw the eye upward and across the room, making it look more spacious.
However, never overdo your patterns as a busy graphic gives off a confusing and dishevelled appearance.

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