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Sacred Space in a Home Is Essential

A sacred space in a home is essential and it does not matter whether you are religious or non-religious.

A holy area can help you reflect, awaken your consciousness, develop a connection, generate peaceful energies and provide grounding.

In Vasthu Sastra, there is a designated quadrant in your home for prayer or altar and that is in the north-east which is the spiritual area to enhance your psychic development.

The ancient science of architecture gives importance to this revered area because it is supposed to provide a constant reminder to dwellers of creator and gratitude.

Even if you are not into the path of spirituality, this place should generate the mood to all occupants in the house to relax, enjoy the quietness, feel safe and go within.

Our home is a sanctuary and it not only provides shelter but protection and safety and it should be treated with respect.

In Vasthu the prayer room is given the third most important quadrant on a property, after the master bedroom and kitchen. 

It is vital the altar be located correctly so that the occupants will enjoy bliss, peace of mind and spiritual upliftment. 

The north-east quadrant of the house is the appropriate place for a prayer room; this room should not be used as a bedroom. 

The only other use for it should be for study or meditation or a private space of silence.

The other choices for a prayer room are the north and east. 

If this space is not available, the centre of the house should be considered as another choice for the altar. 

Positive cosmic energy flows into any property through the north-east, thus this space should be kept clean and free from clutter and weight. 

Avoid having a toilet or bathroom in the north-east sector because this will affect the growth and prosperity of the breadwinner who will experience obstacles, challenges in job promotions and success, and conflict among family members. 

The best way to reduce the effects of having a toilet in the north-east corner without making any renovation would be to close it and to use the toilet and bath located in other parts of the house. 

The other choice is to relocate it away from the north-east to the northwest or north.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the prayer room being in the north-east because following the ancient science of construction, the Goddess of Wealth resides here. 

The altar should be placed facing east in the prayer room and the person praying should face west. 

Ideally, the prayer room should be on the ground floor, but if that is not possible, have it on the top floor – provided it is in the NE quadrant. 

It should not be placed any higher and avoid placing the later under the staircase or bedroom.

Use fresh flowers or garlands to decorate the shrine. 

Avoid use of artificial blooms because they do not bring any benefit. 

Broken frames and idols should be removed or replaced as they are inauspicious. Photographs of ancestors and family members who have departed should not be placed together on the altar.  

The ideal place for the prayer room is in the north-east and the altar should be placed facing east. Such images should be hung on the eastern wall, with the photos facing west. 

It is suggested that you have windows in the extreme north-east corner to allow ample sunlight into the room in the morning. 

Also, the room must not be kept closed. Do not place any weight or store any goods in the north-west room as such placements will result in the dweller encountering sudden accidents and being bogged down with worry. 

The ideal colour of the NE room should be white, soft purple; alternatively, choose a pastel shade.  Avoid dark colours particularly black, grey, blue and dark yellow.

At no time should this room be occupied by a couple as that is inauspicious. 

Light is another important aspect because a properly-lit house represents creativity and positive energy. 

Avoid dim lights as they can create a dull atmosphere. 

A house must be adequately lit to blend with the interior decoration and to enhance the liveliness of its occupants.  

Dr T. Selva is the author of the bestseller book Vasthu Sastra Guide. To get a copy contact 012-3299713. He can be contacted at drtselvas@gmail.com Facebook: Vasthu Sastra and Website: www.vasthusastra.com

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