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10 Things You Can DIY at Home

You might have just bought a house, you might even have lived in it for a while, and maybe you were thinking of hiring a professional to get some improvements done – but what if you decided to spend the time and effort, use some of that money for your own tools, and do it all yourself?

There are few sensations as gratifying as improving a home without the help of a professional. With some research, a little guidance, and a healthy amount of common sense, you get to do things the way you want – and you might even get to enjoy the fruits of your labour with some cost savings.

If you're set on going the DIY route, here are 10 things, from minor fixes to extensive renovation projects, that you can probably handle by yourself.

Drilling through tiles When you want to hang something like a towel rack in the bathroom or kitchen.
Removing tiles When you need to remove cracked or damaged tiles.
Repairing a wall When you are working with a damaged wall.
Painting a wall When you want a new look.
Plastering a wall When paint is just not luxurious enough.
Replacing tiles When you decide that tiles are the way to go.
Grouting tiles When you want to make the gaps between your tiles watertight.
Customising your own marble substitute When you can’t find the marble you want.
Fixing a leaking hand bidet When you’re tired of finding your bathroom floor wet in the mornings.
Levelling a floor When you find pools of water where they really shouldn’t be any.

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