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Country Garden Unveils Latest Project – Lake City @ KL North

Leading property developer, Country Garden, today officially introduced its latest project, Lake City @ KL North, with shareholder Perdana ParkCity. Designed to inspire and refresh KL North, the mixed-development project is expected to increase the allure and investment value of the property market in the area covering Kepong, Selayang, Sentul, and Jalan Kuching.

Lake City @ KL North is set to follow the HOPSCA concept that refers to the ‘Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping Mall, Connectivity and Apartments’ community. It has the characteristics of a complete neighborhood, bringing added value and urban functions that allow for the development to organically integrate with the external city through an efficient transportation system in place – bringing convenience to overall aspects of life.

“The HOPSCA concept, while relatively new in Malaysia, is quickly getting the attention of urban planners as it can accommodate the rapid growth of a city’s urban population and provide for a more organised use of land space. HOPSCA projects essentially create the ideal habitat model and address the needs of homeowners who are looking for interconnectivity to its surrounding areas. Sitting on 80 acres of prime land, Lake City @ KL North will be able to increase economic activity to create new jobs, ease sustainability and transportation issues, establish landmarks for the city, and create synergistic communities,” said Jason Fu, Regional President, Country Garden Malaysia.

Lake City @ KL North Touted to be Next Residential Hotspot

With the population of KL North set to hit 10 million by 2020 as estimated by the Department of Statistics, Jason says that Lake City @ KL North is designed to be as multifaceted as life itself. “Every development by Country Garden is the result of meticulous planning – what kind of lifestyle is ideal for homeowners living in KL North, taking into consideration factors like natural resources, available public transportation, and retail amenities?”

“Ultimately, the goal is to provide a better living environment for all besides creating new opportunities for every level of society. Not only will this result in complete living conditions for homeowners, but it also directly relates to our vision to create a better society wherever we go and simultaneously revitalise economic development in the area,” he added.

All of Country Garden’s developments are crafted based on extensive market research and feedback from current and future homeowners about the elements that complement their lifestyles and what they essentially need for a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

“What we’ve found is that homeowners are increasingly looking for versatile residences that can provide their daily needs and activities at their doorstep, eliminating the need to travel or get stuck in traffic to get groceries, go to the gym, and send their children to school. This is how Lake City @ KL North is different from the rest of the developments in the area,” said Jason.

Property in KL North saw an appreciation in big part due to the construction of the upcoming MRT2 line. More specifically with seven out of the 26 proposed stations slated to be within the vicinity. From then on, urban transformation efforts were put into place as the need for more residences and updated infrastructure started to surface.

“The major shift in attention towards KL North has been quite significant these past few years. With many developments set to cater to the rising population, we see plenty of potential in KL North becoming another major hub of the Klang Valley. Lake City @ KL North will diversify living spaces centred around interconnectivity which sets it apart from other developments. This seamless integration of urban transportation offered in addition to accessibility to highways like the LDP, DUKE, MRR2, will regenerate KL North even further, turning the area into a residential destination of choice,” said Ho Chin Soon, renowned mapmaker and Chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research who was present at the event.

Creating A Wonderful Living with Malaysians

While certain to cultivate lifestyles around quality homes, Lake City @ KL North seeks to further redefine the benchmark of quality living with its residents in mind through its three communal zones and six lifestyle scenes featuring a 2km ‘Lake Promenade’, its very own Lake Club, a Smart Community app, and community areas.

Within the community areas lie a ‘Botanic Living Hall’ where residents will be able to interact with each other while enjoying facilities such as charging stations, outdoor WiFi connections, automated laundry services, mosquito repellant lights and temporary lockers.

“Country Garden emphasises 5-star living for everyone no matter the location for a healthier and happier living. Besides the vibrant waterfront area encapsulating the 66-acre lake, Lake City @ KL North’s very own ‘Lake Promenade’ will be able to provide accessibility to residences, commercial areas, and MRT2 stations. This truly reflects Country Garden’s objective to provide homeowners with a holistic and beneficial way of living, similar to the many high-quality premium projects that we have around the world,” Jason concluded.

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